Climbing Magazine: Prevent and Correct Muscle Imbalances

We all know that climbing helps us get strong over time. It would be nice to think that strength develops evenly. However, due to old injuries, incorrect form when training, uneven movement patterns, and the nature of our sport, we [...]

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Natasha Barnes: Concepts for Managing Training Stress in Climbing

At this point, we should all know that improving at climbing requires us to train hard, but also give ourselves enough time to recover from the stress of that training. Chiropractor and sports injury rehabilitation specialist Natasha Barnes recently wrote an article [...]

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Michaela Tracy: Training – Enough is Enough

Recently we posted an article by Natasha Barnes about the stress/recovery/adaptation cycle and its role in training for climbing. The gist of Natasha's article is that if we want our training to make us stronger, we need to give our [...]

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Route Climbing Training: Free Endurance Workout

Winter is coming to an end and spring is right around the corner. For many of us, this means it's almost outdoor route climbing season. Whether you've spent your winter bouldering or training, chances are you're due for an endurance tune-up. [...]

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Natasha Barnes: Stress/Recovery/Adaptation Cycle and Climbing

Overuse injuries are a common problem in climbers. We all want to get stronger, climb every day, reach our goals, and continue progressing through the grades. However, the problem is for most of us our psyche and desire to climb [...]

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Climb Strong: How Hard Do You Try?

Most of us feel like we try hard in our climbing. But how hard do you try? Are you really giving 100% or are you staying somewhere in your comfort zone? Questioning how hard you try isn't a comfortable thing. [...]

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Integrated Strength Workouts with Butora and Gnarly Nutrition

There's a lot of training information out there. We're fully guilty of adding to it. Having all this information is great, but it can be hard to know how to put it all together into effective workouts and more importantly [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Joshua Rucci on Resting

Most of us want to climb all the time. While there's obviously nothing wrong with loving climbing, we can't do it every day. Resting is important. Whether we are on a trip or simply motivated to train, we tend to [...]

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