Matt Pincus: 4 Keys to Limit Bouldering

A staple of most training programs is that they contain some kind of bouldering. Even programs designed for route climbers typically have a bouldering component. The reason for this is that bouldering is a simple and efficient way to train strength [...]

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Top 5 Bouldering Articles

Bouldering: it sounds so simple. Grab your shoes, some chalk, and a crashpad and you're good to go. Sure, you can have a fun and enjoyable bouldering session with just those three things. However, things get much more complicated when [...]

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Climb Strong: How Hard Do You Try?

Most of us feel like we try hard in our climbing. But how hard do you try? Are you really giving 100% or are you staying somewhere in your comfort zone? Questioning how hard you try isn't a comfortable thing. [...]

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Integrated Strength Workouts with Butora and Gnarly Nutrition

There's a lot of training information out there. We're fully guilty of adding to it. Having all this information is great, but it can be hard to know how to put it all together into effective workouts and more importantly [...]

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Eric Hörst: 4 Pull-Up Variations

There's a lot more that goes into climbing well than simply our ability to pull with our upper body. That being said, climbing does have upper body strength requirements. As a result, we should practice climbing technique, but in our training, [...]

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Climb Strong: Developing General Grip Strength

More and more climbers are learning about the benefits of general strength training. That's why you see climbers deadlifting, squatting, and swinging kettlebells. These climbers are doing it right. Training general strength helps climbers become more well-rounded, durable athletes. However, when [...]

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Rock and Ice: Improve Your Pinch Strength

When it comes to improving overall finger strength, hangboards are the gold standard. However, hangboard training works most effectively when training for edge, pocket, and crimp holds. They are, however, not as effective for improving pinch strength. The main reason [...]

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Lattice Training: Core Training Video

The fact that core strength is important for climbing performance is no secret. A strong core allows us to create body tension and lets us transfer weight to our feet when climbing on overhanging terrain. Core training should be a staple [...]

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