Tension Climbing: Training with Bouldering Circuits

When the boys at Tension Climbing talk, we should all listen... Today, we have an article they wrote about how bouldering circuits can be used to train strength/power, strength/power endurance, and even endurance. "Training with bouldering circuits is a very [...]

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Bouldering Program – Free Strength and Power Workout

For bouldering, strength and power are king and one of the best tools for training climbing specific power is the campus board.  However, while the campus board is definitely a powerful tool it is often misused.  Not only will this [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Will Anglin on Training Efficiency

With all the training information out there on training for climbing, it'a easy to learn what exercises you should be doing and how to do them properly.  The real question, however, is how to design a program so that you [...]

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Mercedes Pollmeier – Campus Board Basics Video

Ever since the campus board was first developed by legendary German climber Wolfgang Güllich it has been a valuable training tool for developing contact strength and power.  However, while campusing can produce huge gains, it is also extremely dangerous and [...]

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Top 5 Climbing Warm-Up Articles

No matter what type of climbing you are interested in, an effective warm-up is essential.  It doesn't matter if you are training in the gym or getting ready to try your project.  Without properly warming up, you will not be [...]

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Power Training with the Chest-Bump Pull-Up

Let's face it.  Whether it's because of fatigue or worn skin, our fingers often give out long before our muscles.  However, while tired and worn out fingers may mean you are done climbing for the day, it doesn't necessarily mean [...]

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Warming Up for a Hangboard Session

One of the features of hangboards that make them such a valuable training tool is how convenient they make getting a quality workout in.  Once you've mounted a fingerboard in your home, you can effectively train finger strength without having to make [...]

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Will Anglin – RULES

Rule #1: When Will Anglin lays down knowledge, listen! Today, we have an article from Will Anglin of Tension Climbing in which he lays out 7 rules of training.  However, these rules aren't about what exercises to do or anything [...]

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