Complete Core Training with Eric Hörst

When most people talk about a strong core, they immediately think of six pack abs and unending sets of sit ups.  However, training a complete core for climbing requires strengthening all the muscles between the shoulders and hips on both [...]

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Natasha Barnes – Barbell Overhead Press

One of the most important rules of training for climbing is that the worst kind of training is the training the gets you injured.  However, an unfortunate reality of climbing is that it is really hard on our shoulders.  All [...]

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Andy Burgress: Bouldering to Sport Climbing

For anyone who is a diehard boulderer, the thought of tying in and being able to pull hard on moves after anything more than several feet of climbing can be extremely daunting.  No matter how easy the moves feel in [...]

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Eric Hörst: Contact Strength Training Video

Today, we have the second installment in Eric Hörst's training for climbing video series with EpicTV.  While the first video focused on hangboard training and how to effectively develop maximum finger strength, this video features campus board exercises that focus on [...]

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Training For Climbing – Finger Strength Video

If you follow this blog, then you've definitely noticed that we believe finger strength training on a hangboard is one of the foundations of training for climbing.  While we do our best to provide you with information on different effective [...]

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Barbell Rehab

When people talk about strength training for climbing, most assume that it should be focused primarily on finger strength and our ability to pull.  While both of these attributes are definitely important, focusing entirely on them neglects training overall strength [...]

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Research on Grip Strength Training

While we have definitely learned a lot about how to effectively train for climbing in the last few years, most of what climbers base their training programs off of is anecdotal evidence that has not been definitely proven by scientific studies. [...]

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Simulation Training: How to Do a Move You Can’t Do

If you have a specific goal route or boulder, you aren't going to send if you can't do all the individual moves.  Once you can do all the moves, it doesn't mean that the send is in the bag, but [...]

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