Eric Hörst – 4 Fingerboard Strength Protocols

It is no secret that having strong fingers is important for climbing difficult routes and boulders.  Additionally, research has now shown that for experienced climbers fingerboards are the most effective tool for producing finger strength gains.  However, as with any [...]

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Steve Hong on Climbing Skin Care

No matter how strong you get, your skin will always be one of the limiting factors for how much you can climb and how many quality goes you can have on your project.  While there is nothing that can be [...]

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Jonathan Siegrist: One Last Ass-Kicking Memory on the Diamond

We usually don't post articles about a professional climbers sends no matter how impressive they are.  However, this article, from the Arc'teryx Blog, by Jonathan Siegrist about his recent ascent of the Direct Dunn Westbay on The Diamond of Longs Peak [...]

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Overcoming Setbacks with Alex Puccio

Recently, we posted a video about Alex Puccio's Road to Recovery from her ACL and MCL tears.  The video gives you a behind the scenes look at Alex's recovery process and all the hard work she put in to be [...]

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Climb Strong – Cycling Training

Have you ever noticed that no matter how much you train you go through periods where you feel weak and tired?  While it would certainly be nice to feel like we were in peak sending condition at all times, this [...]

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Nina Williams Training Video

Nina Williams (V13 boulderer and successful comp climber) is currently following a 5-week custom training plan by Kris Peters, and this is part of her training. If you want a custom training plan that fits your goals and abilities, go to... -->> [...]

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Mental Discipline and Training – The New Process

Are you on a training program with a schedule?  How strict is it?  Does it allow you to re-order days to account for better conditions outdoors?  How about taking extra time off if you feel tired or run down?  While [...]

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How to Keep Climbing in the Cold

As climbers, we love seeking out and obsessing over perfect conditions.  Usually this means chasing the cold, dry temps that will make even the smallest crimps feel huge.  However, with winter beginning to set in, we are often required to [...]

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