Drugs, Alcohol, and Climbing Survey: Help A Professor with His Research

UPDATE: This survey is not available anymore as they are moving on the next phase of their research. We will update you when the results are in.  A while back we conducted a survey about marijuana usage among climbers and [...]

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Training for Climbing: Windshield Wipers Core Exercise

There's no such thing as too much core strength in climbing.  Having a strong core allows us to keep our hips into the wall, transfer weight through our feet on steep terrain, hold swings, and general move efficiently on rock.  [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Charlie Manganiello on Gaining vs Maintaining Strength

A common trap climbers fall into is thinking that the training you are doing today is going to help you send your project tomorrow.  The unfortunate reality is that it takes time for us to really make gains through training.  [...]

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Rock and Ice: Women’s Guide to Building Power

Power can be a hard thing to train for climbers of any gender.  However, while there are plenty of super powerful female climbers out there, women typically find building power more difficult than males. To help any women (or anyone [...]

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Climbing Meta – Foam Rolling for Climbers

Hard climbing and training put a ton of strain on our bodies.  It's why, even though we may not want to take them, we all need rest days.  The thing with rest days is that we don't just have to [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Bill Ramsey on Age and Climbing

Bill Ramsey is a legendary climber having established 5.14 routes and climbed 5.14b at the age of 54.  If you know Bill, you also know how manically devoted he is to his training.  Bill has developed his own training philosophy [...]

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Steve Bechtel: Power vs Strength

In his most recent TrainingBeta Podcast, climbing trainer and coach Steve Bechtel talks extensively about how to design your own training program.  Ultimately, a lot of his and Neely's discussion revolves around how using a nonlinear periodization model is a great [...]

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Finger Strength: Free Beginner Hangboard Workout

When it comes to the physical side of training for climbing, the most important thing to focus on is training finger strength.  Not only is it central to improving performance, but it also takes the longest to develop so consistently working [...]

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