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TrainingBeta is a site dedicated to training for climbing. We built this site because we wanted all of the best training resources in one place. We do a daily blog, a weekly podcast, and we have many climbing training programs that are easy to follow so you can just go into the gym and do your thing without thinking too much about it. Happy training!

Meet The Team

Neely Quinn
Neely QuinnOwner and Founder
I’m a climber, a nutritionist, and an entrepreneur. And even though I’ll never be as strong as most 12-year-old climbers these days, I still love training to get stronger. We built this site to provide you and me with all the resources we need to climb our hardest. My husband, Seth, and I live in Boulder now after spending a couple years living out of our van and climbing all over the U.S.
Seth Lytton
Seth LyttonCo-Founder, Tech Guy
I’m a climber, a software developer, and I live in Boulder, CO with Neely, my wife. Sometimes I like training and suffering on a hangboard more than I like climbing. I’m the tech guy here, which means I basically make sure TrainingBeta.com doesn’t explode, I do some design work, and I work with Kris Peters on the training programs.

Our Head Climbing Trainer

Kris Peters
Kris PetersClimbing Trainer
Climbing Trainer, Kris Peters, wrote our Bouldering Strength and Power Program, our Route Climbing Training Program, as well as our 6-Week Power Endurance Program. Originally from Massachusetts, Kris is one of the top climbing trainers in the U.S. and has worked with pro-level climbers, including Daniel Woods, Sasha DiGiulian, Nina Williams, Emily Harrington, Matt Segal, Matty Hong, and many others. He does online training for people all over the world.

Our Awesome Support Staff

Matt Pincus
Matt PincusContent Manager
Matt is a boulderer and a sport climber living in Jackson, Wyoming, and sometimes in his van on the road. He’s responsible for most of the blog posts and social media posts for TrainingBeta. He’s constantly changing and tweaking the ways he trains as he learns new things. Getting to read all the articles that eventually get posted on the blog and Facebook is his favorite part of working for Training Beta and something that never gets old.
Natalie Hawley
Natalie HawleyPodcast Transcriptionist
Natalie transcribes all of the podcast episodes for us. She taught middle and high school for over half a decade, but then decided it would be more enjoyable to become a full-time climber than attempt to reform the education system. A full-time barista at the moment, Natalie also proofreads and edits climbing guidebooks on a freelance basis. Having recently completed guide training at Hueco Tanks, her plan is to guide there next season. She currently resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee but is on the lookout for her next move!
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