Secret Skin-Care Tips From Rock Climbing Pros

Every climber can agree that climbing with tape on your fingertips is a bummer. It can slip, roll, snag the rock weird, and usually prevents you from being able to grab a hold exactly how you want to.

Part of […]

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Climbing Training: Power Endurance

Getting a little too pumped while you’re climbing? Are you falling because of it?

If so, improving your power endurance through some climbing training could be just what you need. So, what is power endurance and how can you train for […]

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Bill Ramsey: The Day I Sent Golden (5.14b)

Bill Ramsey recently sent Golden For a Moment (5.14b), a famous climb in the Cathedral, a large limestone cave near St. George, Utah. At age 54, this is his story about the send and what it took for him […]

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Live Training Q&A Call and New Route Program

We have two exciting announcements today!
1. The Route Climbing Training Program
We’re releasing the sister program to our Bouldering Strength and Power Program on Monday, April 20th, which is called the Route Climbing Training Program. It’s designed for route climbers […]

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Applying Hangboard Training to Rock Climbing

It’s a lot easier to motivate to train when you feel like you have a purpose or goal for training, right? Do you think you would spend more time using a hangboard if you felt like you had a […]

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How to Climb Harder Than The Other Newbs: Training Wheels

This article was written by Kris Hampton and is a repost from his awesome, informative site, Kris is a great climber, friend and author of our 8-Week Endurance Training Program (which is a great program to check out if your endurance needs some […]

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Apply the 80-20 Rule To Your Climbing

….to get the most gains with the least effort.
“Vilfredo Pareto, a late 19th Century economist, noticed that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by only 20% of the population.
This ratio, now known as Pareto’s Principle (or simply […]

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Weight Management for Climbers

It’s Neely here, and since I’m a nutritionist, of course weight management is going to be an interesting topic to me. And since you’re a climber, it’s also probably an interesting topic to you ;)

Weight does have some bearing […]

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