Alex Johnson: Staying Healthy

Alex Johnson climbs a lot. And she’s really good at it.

Have you ever asked yourself how the Pros, such as Alex Johnson, are able to climb so often and stay injury free?

Alex recently posted an article on her blog,, […]

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“I’m really bad at sticking to a training program. That’s not to say I never train. Sometimes I’ll go out in the garage and get wrecked on the campus board if it’s raining outside and I can’t do some […]

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Route Climbing Training Program Now Available!

We decided to create TrainingBeta a couple years ago because the training programs in books, online, in blog posts, and in pdfs were not cutting it for me. I don’t mean any disrespect to the other trainers out there; […]

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Chris Webb Parsons Hangboard Program Video

Chris Webb Parsons has climbed up to 8C/V15, so clearly he must know something about training finger strength. This Vimeo video, found on the site, is all about his 12-week handboard program for improving finger strength.

As Chris will […]

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Secret Skin-Care Tips From Rock Climbing Pros

Every climber can agree that climbing with tape on your fingertips is a bummer. It can slip, roll, snag the rock weird, and usually prevents you from being able to grab a hold exactly how you want to.

Part of […]

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How To Warm Up for A Route Session

This post was written by Seth Lytton, co-runner of TrainingBeta, training fanatic, and a pretty strong rock climber. He thinks warming up is important and I tend to agree with him, so here’s how to do it properly. Also, […]

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Climbing Training: Power Endurance

Getting a little too pumped while you’re climbing? Are you falling because of it?

If so, improving your power endurance through some climbing training could be just what you need. So, what is power endurance and how can you train for […]

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Bill Ramsey: The Day I Sent Golden (5.14b)

Bill Ramsey recently sent Golden For a Moment (5.14b), a famous climb in the Cathedral, a large limestone cave near St. George, Utah. At age 54, this is his story about the send and what it took for him […]

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