3 Crucial Principles of Training for Bouldering

Cruxcrush.com just posted an article that TrainingBeta’s own, Dan Mirsky wrote for them! Dan writes about 3 crucial principles of training for bouldering.

Whether you’re doing our Bouldering Strength and Power Training Program or not, this article will explain what you […]

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Why the Daniel Woods 4×4 is Not a 4×4

This article is a repost from Kris Hampton’s site, powercompanyclimbing.com. Kris is a very strong, motivated climber, and also the author of our 8-Week Endurance Training Program.

With all of the climbing training information out there, it can be confusing […]

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EpicTV Video: Raw Power Vs Flawless Technique

One of the cool things about training with other climbers is getting to learn from each other and motivate each other to train harder. We all have our strengths and weaknesses; they’re different for everyone.

This video from EpicTV.com shows a […]

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Building Big Muscles for Sending

Have you been consistently climbing at least a few days a week but feel like you aren’t really getting any better? Maybe you saw a lot of progress for awhile in your climbing, and now you’ve hit a plateau?

Adding […]

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Original Hueco Board and bäm! Board

“Rob Candelaria was one of the first climbers to create a finger strength training tool for climbing. This video gives a little history behind what was likely the first hangboard before diving into a twist on hangboarding based on […]

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Training: Efficient Rest Days

“As much as our social media streams may suggest otherwise, most climbers are real people with real jobs, spending a fair share of time deskbound. But fear not, weekend warriors, all that time in front of a computer screen […]

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How To End Stress-Eating, Sugar Cravings, and Food Guilt

This post was written by Neely Quinn, Nutrition Therapist, climber, and founder of TrainingBeta. She’s hosting an online 2-day Event dedicated to helping you end stress-eating, binge eating, and food guilt.

Enter Neely…
As climbers, we want to be lean, and to […]

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How to Build Your Own Home Wall

How sweet would it be to be able to train in the comfort of your own home? If you’ve thought about building a home wall but aren’t sure how to go about it, listen up!

This article by Aicacia Young, RDN […]

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