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Mental Training Made Simple with Neil Gresham

We always hear that climbing is equal parts mental and physical.  However, when it comes to training the focus is almost exclusively on the physical aspects like how to improve finger strength or how […]

Deadlifting for Climbing with Crux Crush

It seems like incorporating deadlifting and other power lifting into climbing training is a new trend that many top climbers and trainers are praising.  While it may seem like your training energy could be […]

Evening Sends – Tips for Redpointing

Redpointing sport routes at or near your limit is a difficult process that requires good tactics and mental fortitude as much as it does strong fingers and high levels of endurance.  Many climbers fail […]

David Mason Training for King of Limbs

David Mason is an extremely strong British climber who has travelled extensively amassing a highly respectable tick list of high quality, difficult boulder problems all around the world.  However, while the volume of hard boulder […]

Eric Hörst Intro to Fingerboard Training

Time and time again here at Training Beta we talk about how much we love fingerboard training.  In our minds, training on a hangboard is one of the most important features of any training […]

Roof Climbing Tips with Crux Crush

Roof climbing, slab climbing, and every angle in between require their own unique style of movement.  As a result, success climbing on different angles requires you to learn a variety of techniques.  However, the […]

Nina Williams Training Video

Nina Williams (V13 boulderer and successful comp climber) is currently following a 5-week custom training plan by Kris Peters, and this is part of her training.

If you want a custom training plan that fits your goals […]

Should Climbers Go Low Carb?

As a nutritionist and a Paleo eater, I’ve (Neely) thought a lot about people’s carb intakes.

My own journey has taken me through periods of eating lots of carbs as a vegetarian kid and teenager, then down […]