Training vs Practice with Steve Bechtel Part 2

Several weeks ago we posted an article by climbing trainer and author of our Strength Training Guide Steve Bechtel from his website Climb Strong in which he outlined the difference between training and practice.  In this first article, he discussed how learning […]

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Effective Gym Training Strategies (for Route Climbing)

Hopefully you are out enjoying the summer climbing season and sending hard.  However, if you are somewhere without good summer conditions and are stuck climbing indoors, hopefully you are making the most of your time and training hard for […]

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How Breathing Can Increase Your Strength and Power

Is breathing something you think about while you are climbing?  When you are watching a friend from the ground do you shout “BREATHE!” as a form of encouragement?  Most climbers understand that breathing while climbing is important as it […]

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Determining the Best Protein Sources

It is common knowledge that athletes of any kind need sufficient amounts of protein to allow their muscles to recover, repair, and get stronger from the abuse that their sport and training inflict on them.  For climbers the challenge […]

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5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Bouldering

Looking to improve your bouldering performance but not sure where to start or what to do?

Neil Gresham, one of Britain’s best known climbers, wrote this article from the site, giving a quick 5-point checklist for doing exactly that.

He talks about:

mental […]

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Projecting 101 – 6 Tips for Sending

Everyone knows that success projecting routes at your limit requires strong fingers, excellent power endurance, and the ability to hang on forever.  While all of these physical traits can be improved through hard work and training, they are only […]

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Endurance Training with Alex Barrows

If you are looking to improve your roped climbing whether sport climbing or trad climbing, endurance training and power endurance training are of the upmost importance.  Fortunately, there are ways to train endurance that do not require a partner and […]

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Free Q&A Call for August

I have some good news for you if you’re wanting some free advice on your training, climbing, nutrition, and all that.
We’re Doing A Live FREE Q&A Session Next Week!
When people sign up for the Route Training Program or the […]

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