Ben Couldn’t Get Past 5.10 and Now He’s On 5.12a’s!

“TrainingBeta has been extremely beneficial to me. I had no idea how to train for climbing besides some basic 4×4 workouts, and I was having a hard time getting over the 5.10 grade for a couple years. Since doing your 6-week Power Endurance program I am leading 5.11s and top roping 5.12a’s and I’m feeling a lot more confident in my ability to keep improving. Training Beta is definitely worth every penny and I highly recommend it to everyone I meet at the gym and the crag.”

You guys are awesome!
Ben Henson

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  • Eric Hörst- Contact Strength Training Video

Eric Hörst: Contact Strength Training Video

Today, we have the second installment in Eric Hörst's training for climbing video series with EpicTV.  While the first video focused on hangboard training and how to effectively develop maximum finger strength, this video features campus [...]

By |December 9th, 2016|
  • Failure to Sleep = Failure to Train

Failure to Sleep = Failure to Train

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Grip Trainers – Gimmicks or Not?

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Energy System Training

When you go to train are you dissatisfied until you leave the gym completely pumped and totally wrecked?  While it is definitely fun to push ourselves really hard when climbing, going to the point of [...]

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  • Kraft Factory Training - Shoulder Stability

Kraft Factory Training – Shoulder Stability

Coaches Dicki Korb and Patrick Matros of Germany's Kraft Factory are the trainers behind Alex Megos' success so they clearly know a thing or two about producing high level climbers.  With many of their training [...]

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  • rings trx workout video

Rings/TRX Workout Video

If you have ever watched a gymnast perform a ring routine, their upper body and core strength are extremely apparent.  While being able to hold an iron cross isn't necessary for hard climbing, using rings [...]

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  • Anderson Brothers Core Training

Anderson Brothers Core Training

Whether you prefer climbing slabs, steep sport routes, or difficult boulder problems, improving your core strength will have a positive effect on your climbing performance.  However, exactly how to train your core in a functional, [...]

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  • Training For Climbing - Finger Strength Video

Training For Climbing – Finger Strength Video

If you follow this blog, then you've definitely noticed that we believe finger strength training on a hangboard is one of the foundations of training for climbing.  While we do our best to provide you [...]

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