Periodized Training for Climbing: Different Types and Pros & Cons

If you are developing a training program you probably heard of the term periodization. However, you may not know that there are different types of periodized training.  This article breaks down the three main types of periodization (sequential training, […]

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Rock Climbing Nutrition: Eating Your Way to Better Climbing

What do you eat to fuel up for a climb?  How about snacks for the day or for recovery after?  Rock and Ice Magazine recently published an article by Robert Portman PH.D about rock climbing nutrition and the role […]

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Adam Ondra Pinch Strength Training Device

Are you feeling a bit weak on pinches?  Check out the new Adam Ondra pinch strength training device he developed in cooperation with the Czech company A Muerte called Adam’s Claspers.
“Special hanging training plates – you can use them when traveling […]

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The Importance of Daniel Woods and The Bubble Wrap Project.

Kris Hampton of Power Company Climbing and author of our 8-Week Endurance Training Program wrote and article about the importance of Daniel Woods and his send of The Bubble Wrap Project.  While Daniel Woods sent the Bubble Wrap Project, which is located […]

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The Importance of Flexibility for Climbing

Do you have trouble utilizing extremely high feet?  How about difficult or powerful heel hooks?  Here’s an article form Ned Feehally of on the importance of flexibility for climbing that may help.

In his article, Ned Feehally argues against the […]

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Does Caffeine Improve Climbing Performance?

Are you incapable of getting out of bed in the morning without heading straight to the coffee maker?  Everyone knows that coffee in the morning is a great way to start your day.  What about right before heading to […]

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Campusing, Part 4: Programming

This is a repost of the 4th part in a series of campusing articles from Kris Hampton’s site, Kris is not only a great climber who really knows his stuff, but also the author of our 8-Week Endurance Training Program.
Here, he talks […]

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Bouldering Circuits

Tired of hang boarding or campusing? How about trying bouldering circuits to change it up?
“When used properly circuit training is a very effective tool for any type of training whether it be: Strength, Power, Strength/Power Endurance, Endurance, or even […]

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