Climbing Nutrition – Tendons

As climbers, finger strength and the health of our tendons is of the upmost importance. Having strong, healthy fingers will not only allow you to pull effectively on small holds, but will also allow you to keep climbing injury […]

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Training While Injured – Neil Gresham

Injuries are an unfortunate reality in climbing.  Chances are if you climb for long enough eventually you will experience some sort of injury that may sideline you temporarily.  It is important to remember, however, that not all injuries mean […]

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How to Keep Climbing in the Cold

As climbers, we love seeking out and obsessing over perfect conditions.  Usually this means chasing the cold, dry temps that will make even the smallest crimps feel huge.  However, with winter beginning to set in, we are often required […]

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Why Do I Suck At Climbing Some Days?!? Part 2: Readiness Monitoring

We’ve all had projects that get under our skin.  If you’re anything like me, this can often lead to questioning whether or not today is a good day for me to try and send.  I obsess over whether or […]

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Adam Macke – Advanced Core Concepts Explained

As climbers, we all know the importance of core strength and have probably spent hours doing sit-ups or leg lifts to try and strengthen our cores.  However, while these exercises can help initially, they may not be the most […]

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Training Tips with Will Gadd

Will Gadd is probably the world’s most accomplished ice climber so clearly he knows a thing or two about how to train and how to get the most out of his body.  However, even as a professional climber, Will’s […]

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Many climbers have the idea that the best way to get stronger and be able to do more powerful moves is to spend some time bouldering.  However, while bouldering is a extremely useful tool, Alli Rainey wrote an article arguing […]

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How to Cope with Redpoint Nerves

Do you get jittery when your getting ready for a redpoint attempt?  We’ve all been there.  Unfortunately, this kind of nervousness while you’re preparing to pull onto your project could not pop up at a worse time and can even […]

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