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In the TrainingBeta podcast, I talk to climbers and trainers about how we can get a little better at our favorite sport. Every week or so I publish a new interview where I talk to my guests about their climbing training philosophies, what they’re up to these days, and their thoughts on diet. I hope these talks give you some more psych to train.


TBP 059 :: Access Fund on Going from Gym to Crag Responsibly

Date: August 30th, 2016 Google Play For Android Users iTunes Show Page About The Access Fund The Access Fund is an organization dedicated to keeping climbing areas open for climbers while keeping land owners happy with those climbers. Since 1981, the organization has been helping to end disputes between climbers and landowners [...]


TBP 057 :: Joshua Rucci Compares Training College Athletes to Climbers


Date: June 28th, 2016 Google Play For Android Users iTunes Show Page About Joshua Rucci This is an interview with Joshua Rucci, a collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach in the Southeastern Conference (in Athens). He currently coaches women's basketball and women's gymnastics, and he has experience coaching all kinds of athletes, including [...]


Ask Kris 007 :: Are You Overtraining?


Date: June 9th, 2016 Are You Overtraining? This week, in our seventh mini episode of Ask Kris, we talked about the signs and symptoms of overtraining, and how much rest people really need. Here's what we talked about: What overtraining looks like How long you should feel tired after starting a [...]