Rock Rehab Pyramid Videos

Climbing and training places a ton of repetitive strain on our bodies.  Far too many climbers are continually suffering from injuries that make climbing painful, affect performance, and in the worst cases prevent them from climbing all together.  It's with [...]

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Hang Right – Part 3: Healing Nagging Finger Injuries

Finger tweaks: if you climb long enough, you've almost definitely had one.  Let's face it.  Injuring a finger sucks when it happens, but it sucks, even more, when months down the line you are still dealing with the same nagging [...]

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Top 5 Injury Prevention Articles

Rock climbing and training for climbing is hard on our bodies.  An unfortunate fact is that if you do it long enough chances are you are going to get injured.  However, another fact is that through effective injury prevention work [...]

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Wrist Pain – Conquer the Crux

Most climbing injuries are the result of overuse.  While fingers, shoulders, and elbows are common culprits, our wrist are also susceptible.  Luckily, wrist pain, as with all overuse injuries, is completely avoidable. To help you understand what causes wrist pain [...]

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Avoiding Injuries on Pockets – The Climbing Doctor

For many climbers, even looking at a photo of a small two-finger pocket or a mono makes their fingers hurt.  It's also true that pockets put a lot of strain on our tendons and the other connective structures in our [...]

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Natasha Barnes – Hamstring Injuries in Climbers

When we think of climbing injuries, most of us jump right to finger, elbow, and shoulder injuries. While injuries to these areas are definitely common, they are all upper body injuries. Last time I checked, we also use our lower [...]

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Pulley Injuries Explained – The Climbing Doctor

Like it or not, climbing puts a lot of stress on our fingers.  Do it for long enough and chances are you will experience some kind of finger injury.  While finger injuries can range from severe tendon ruptures to minor [...]

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How Shoulder Mobility Affects Your Climbing

Shoulders, shoulders, shoulders... More and more climbers are dealing with chronic shoulder pain.  This isn't something we should be looking to simply grit our teeth and climb through.  That's a quick way to end up on the couch recovering from [...]

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