Splitter Choss: Training With a Finger Injury

If you climb long enough, you're going to at least tweak a finger.  For most climbers, when we injure a finger the immediate reaction is to think we need to take some time off climbing to let things heal.  If [...]

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Mountain Project: The 7 Best Recovery Tools for Climbers

With all of the increased emphasis on training for climbing, it's easy to forget that training isn't when we get stronger.  We actually get stronger when we recover from the abuse of training and climbing.  As a result, climbers looking [...]

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Uzo Ehiogu: Wrist Pain and Climbing

An unfortunate reality in climbing is that it puts a lot of strain on our bodies which means there are lots of ways for us to injure ourselves.  While finger, elbow, and shoulder injuries are the most common in climbers, [...]

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Hang Right – Part II: Elbow Pain in Climbers

In a recent TrainingBeta Podcast episode, Neely spoke with climber and physical therapist Esther Smith specifically about elbow pain.  In their talk, they covered exactly what can cause elbow pain, what climbers can do to treat their conditions, and what [...]

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Balanced Climbing Shoulders

An unfortunate reality of climbing is that it places a lot of stress on our shoulders.  While there's always the risk of an acute injury, climbers also commonly suffer shoulder pain caused by overuse and muscle imbalances.  Maintaining balanced climbing [...]

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5 Must Do Yoga Poses for Climbers

As climbers, we are obsessed with getting stronger in an effort to improve our performance outdoors.  While this will always be the goal, it puts a lot of strain on our bodies and can quickly lead to injury if we [...]

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Preventing Ankle Sprains

Spend any time bouldering and eventually you'll land awkwardly and roll an ankle.  This fall can definitely result in a sprained or even broken ankle.  However, just like any climbing injury, there is injury prevention work that you can do [...]

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Natasha Barnes – Barbell Overhead Press

One of the most important rules of training for climbing is that the worst kind of training is the training the gets you injured.  However, an unfortunate reality of climbing is that it is really hard on our shoulders.  All [...]

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