The Climbing Doctor: Low Back Pain and Climbing

Low back pain can be extremely debilitating and effects a large portion of the population. While low back pain is extremely common in the entire population, it also affects climbers as many of our repetitive movement patterns can quickly lead to [...]

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Climbing Magazine: Prevent and Correct Muscle Imbalances

We all know that climbing helps us get strong over time. It would be nice to think that strength develops evenly. However, due to old injuries, incorrect form when training, uneven movement patterns, and the nature of our sport, we [...]

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Natasha Barnes: Stress/Recovery/Adaptation Cycle and Climbing

Overuse injuries are a common problem in climbers. We all want to get stronger, climb every day, reach our goals, and continue progressing through the grades. However, the problem is for most of us our psyche and desire to climb [...]

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Rock and Ice – Heel Hook Exercises

When used properly, a heel hook is a great technique for using your legs to take some weight off your hands. Solid heel hooks can make even the worst hand holds usable as they can take the majority of your [...]

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Training with an Injury

In the last two years, I've broken my leg and had to take 3-months off climbing due to a finger injury. Currently, I feel like the thing I'm best at is getting back into good climbing form after injuries. However, [...]

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Nicholas Kuhl – Returning to Climbing After a Traumatic Back Injury

We talk a lot about how most climbing injuries are preventable. While this statement is definitely true, it pertains mostly to overuse injuries and doesn't account for the fact that climbing has some inherent dangers. Injuries that are the result [...]

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The Climbing Doctor: Pulley Injuries Explained Part II

Pulley injuries happen. It's unfortunate, but somewhat unavoidable if you climb for long enough. Not too long ago we shared an article from Dr. Jared Vagys website, The Climbing Doctor, by Doctor of Physical Therapy Matt DeStefano. In this first [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Dr. Jared Vagy on Muscle Activation Exercises

While we have definitely learned a lot about how to effectively train for climbing, from a sports science perspective, climbing is still far behind lots of other mainstream sports. We can't catch up overnight (research takes time!), but one of [...]

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