Neely Quinn: Training for Short Climbers

As a short climber, sometimes the way I do moves on routes or boulders is a lot different than what a taller person would do. And let's be honest: sometimes what I do is harder than what a normal-sized person [...]

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3 Diet Changes to Improve Your Climbing (and Overall Health)

It's Neely here, and today I'm going to talk to you about how nutrition can affect climbers and how to improve your diet starting right now. If you feel like you need help in this department, I'm taking new clients [...]

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3 Common Nutrition Mistakes Climbers Make

Whether we like it or not, the things we eat and drink have a direct impact on our health, our mood, and our climbing performance. It's not always easy to know what to put in your mouth and what to avoid, [...]

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How Painful Should My Climbing Shoes Be?

Sometimes I look down at my oddly colored, punk-rock, ballet-looking shoes and wonder what non-climbers must think of us weirdos. But, despite being really weird looking, climbing shoes are quite possibly the most performance-enhancing pieces of equipment we use. For some reason, [...]

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Should Climbers Go Low Carb?

As a nutritionist and a Paleo eater, I've (Neely) thought a lot about people's carb intakes. My own journey has taken me through periods of eating lots of carbs as a vegetarian kid and teenager, then down to very low carbs when [...]

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