Rest Days by Liz Haas

Today, we've got an article about most climbers' least favorite topic: rest days.  Listen, we get it.  Climbing is a lot more fun than not climbing.  However, EVERYONE needs rest.  Additionally, while rest days are important for all climbers, they are [...]

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Madaleine Sorkin on Building Mental Climbing Strength

When we are struggling on our projects, we all like to think that the solution is simply to train harder and come back when we are stronger.  While any climber with the ambition of progressing to more difficult climbing grades [...]

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Top 5 Campusing Articles

One of the most famous forms of climbing training is campusing.  Campus training was invented by legendary German climber Wolfgang Güllich and you can now find campus boards in almost every climbing gym. When done properly, campusing is a highly [...]

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Bouldering Training – Free Bouldering Workout

When it come to training for bouldering, it can seem like the best and most enjoyable method is simply to session problems with friends in the gym.  While this approach may work for awhile, it is certainly not the most [...]

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Climbing Trip Tune-Up with Neil Gresham

For many climbers, travel is an essential part of the sport.  Not only do you get to experience new places and cultures, but you also expose yourself to different climbing styles and rock types which is an essential part of [...]

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Climb Strong: Don’t Try to Get Tired…

Summer is fully underway.  While we hope you are getting outside and climbing as much as possible, fall is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about training for it if you want to be ready for [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Daniel Woods on Training for Routes

I know what you're thinking.  Daniel Woods is a boulderer.  Why should I listen to him about training for sport climbs?  Well, the simple answer is that while Daniel is best know for being one of the strongest boulderers on [...]

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Adam Ondra Training Series – EpicTV

Adam Ondra is a climber who needs no introduction.  He has established and repeated the world's hardest climbs on everything from sport routes, to boulders, to the Dawn Wall. While Adam may seem like a purely natural talent, he has put [...]

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