Tension Climbing: Training with Bouldering Circuits

When the boys at Tension Climbing talk, we should all listen... Today, we have an article they wrote about how bouldering circuits can be used to train strength/power, strength/power endurance, and even endurance. "Training with bouldering circuits is a very [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Margarita Martinez on Training Endurance

Training endurance seems pretty simple.  Just climb until you are pumped silly and repeat right? While this approach can definitely work, how can you be sure you are actually reaching your maximum pump level?  Did you fall because you truly [...]

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Mark Anderson – 40 Climbing Lessons

Training guru and author of the Rock Climbers Training Manual Mark Anderson recently turned 40 (happy birthday from TrainingBeta!).  To celebrate, Mark wrote a blog post in which he outlined 40 climbing lessons he's learned during his year involved in [...]

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Top 5 Climbing Technique Articles

Climbing is first and foremost a skill sport. No amount of strength or power is going to get you up difficult routes and boulders if you don't know how to move properly and have good climbing technique. However, working on [...]

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From Bouldering to Route Climbing Part 2: Training Details

Matt Pincus here today with the next installment in my series of how I transitioned from exclusively bouldering to route climbing as well. This one is all about the changes I made to my training to address the physical limitations that [...]

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Eric Hörst: Reducing Risk of Growth Plate Fractures in Youth Climbers

As rock climbing continues to grow in popularity, one of the best features of this growth is increased opportunities for youth climbers.  Climbing is an amazing sport for developing both physical and mental skills that have positive effects on youth's [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Will Anglin on Training Efficiency

With all the training information out there on training for climbing, it'a easy to learn what exercises you should be doing and how to do them properly.  The real question, however, is how to design a program so that you [...]

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Mercedes Pollmeier – Campus Board Basics Video

Ever since the campus board was first developed by legendary German climber Wolfgang Güllich it has been a valuable training tool for developing contact strength and power.  However, while campusing can produce huge gains, it is also extremely dangerous and [...]

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