Climbing Magazine – Translating Training to Outdoor Performance

Training is hard work.  If you are going to put in the blood, sweat, and tears, you want to make sure it translates to improved climbing performance outside.  After all, achieving a personal best on the hangboard is cool, but [...]

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FrictionLabs: Intro to Climbing Movement with Dan Mirsky

Focus on getting good at climbing, not just on getting strong. To help you really put this sentiment into action, here's an article from the FrictionLabs blog by climber and coach Dan Mirsky.  The article is an introduction to climbing [...]

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Beginner Campus Board Session Video

For beginner climbers, it can be really tempting to rush into more advanced training techniques.  Adding things like a campus board session to the end of your workout can seem like the path to climbings upper levels.  We cannot stress [...]

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Top 5 Endurance Training Articles

Climbing long routes requires endurance.  When most climbers hear endurance training, all they think of is cranking out lap after lap on routes in the gym until their forearms give out. However, this kind of endurance training is not only [...]

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Route Climbing Training: Projecting Workout

When we think about planning out our training, it's easy to get caught up in how to fit everything into one training plan.  After all, you're supposed to hangboard, campus board, limit boulder, and do energy system work right?  Oh and [...]

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Training4Climbing: Boulder Campusing

If you've been around climbing training, then you are probably familiar with campus training on a campus board.  It is a highly effective form of power training that when done properly can produce some serious results.  While using the campus [...]

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EpicTV – Adam Ondra Endurance Training

We've all heard of 4x4's.  However, we bet you've never seen them done like Adam Ondra does them in his latest Epic TV training video. In this latest installment of the EpicTV series showcasing Adam's training, we get to see Adam digging [...]

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Strength Training Guide: Why Train Strength?

Pick whatever sport you'd like.  Football, basketball, cycling, gymnastics, take your pick.  Athletes in all of these sports don't just train by practicing their sport.  Instead, high level athletes in these disciplines all perform underlying strength training as a means [...]

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