Matt Pincus: Fitting Everything In

A big question I get from my athletes is about fitting everything into their training schedule. After all, there are only so many hours in the week and you need rest days so fitting everything in can be difficult. However, we [...]

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Natasha Barnes: A Simple Intermediate Program

In the past couple months, we've shared a series of articles by climber, chiropractor, and sports injury rehabilitation specialist Natasha Barnes. These two articles have been Natasha's attempt to lay out some general principles about training that she feels climbers neglect [...]

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Uphill Athlete: Rock Climbing Skill Drills

Earlier this week, we posted an article by Steve House from Rock and Ice Magazine where he argued that we should differentiate between strength and climbing skill sessions. House's argument here is that because climbing is a skill sport we [...]

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Climb Strong: Why Am I Stuck?

Put in the time, train hard, and keep climbing harder and harder season after season, year after year. This kind of linear progression is what we all want. Unfortunately, this isn't typically how things play out for climbers in the [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Dave MacLeod on Training vs Performance

As climbers, most of us always want to be pushing hard to progress our climbing. We want to be training as hard as possible when we are in the gym and sending as hard as possible when we are outside. [...]

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Rock and Ice: Steve House on Skill vs Strength Sessions

The goal of training should be to get better at rock climbing. If it's not making you better then what's the point in doing it. Sure that sounds nice and simple, but things get more complicated when we factor in [...]

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Beast Fingers: Optimizing Muscular Strength-to-Weight Ratios in Rock Climbing

This past summer we shared a study our friends at Beast Fingers were doing on strength-to-weight ratios in rock climbing and asked you to help them out and participate. Well, the Beast Fingers team has completed their study and made [...]

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The Project Magazine: Joe Kinder Profile

Joe Kinder is a climber who needs no introduction. He has a been a top climber for decades. He has repeated hard sport routes and has developed routes in numerous areas around the world. Additionally, with Jonathan Siegrist's recent ascent [...]

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