Mark Anderson Advanced Endurance Training

When it comes to training endurance for long sport routes, one of the most effective strategies is performing power endurance circuits with set rest times.  This kind of high end or advanced endurance training is highly effective as it mimics [...]

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Chris Weidner on Mental Toughness

Most of the articles we post on this blog are about how we can train our physical abilities to improve our climbing performance.  While this is certainly a big part of improving at climbing, it is really only one side [...]

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Complete Core Training with Eric Hörst

When most people talk about a strong core, they immediately think of six pack abs and unending sets of sit ups.  However, training a complete core for climbing requires strengthening all the muscles between the shoulders and hips on both [...]

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Hangboarding for Endurance

It is commonly understood that hangboarding is the best method for improving finger strength.  However, if you are in a bind and have enough motivation, hangboards can be used to train everything from power endurance to full on route endurance. [...]

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Natasha Barnes – Barbell Overhead Press

One of the most important rules of training for climbing is that the worst kind of training is the training the gets you injured.  However, an unfortunate reality of climbing is that it is really hard on our shoulders.  All [...]

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Steve Bechtel – Back to Basics

With 2017 fast approaching, it's time to talk about New Year's resolutions.  If you've made it to TrainingBeta then chances are improving at climbing is one of your priorities and you are probably thinking about kick starting 2017 with a [...]

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Warming Up with Will Anglin

For most climbers, warming up is something you simply get through as quickly as possible.  Most seem to treat it as a necessary evil and take whatever possible shortcuts to cut down the amount of time they spend on it.  However, warming [...]

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Cardio for Climbing – Is it Worth It?

Depending on who you talk to, activities like running and cycling are either great forms of climbing cross training, a waste of time from a climbing perspective, or, at worst, detrimental to climbing performance.  Because this training issue seems to [...]

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