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Top 5 Climbing Warm-Up Articles

No matter what type of climbing you are interested in, an effective warm-up is essential.  It doesn't matter if you are training in the gym or getting ready to try your project.  Without properly warming up, you will not be [...]

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Dr. Jared Vagy – Avoid Rotator Cuff Strains

All the training in the world isn't going to get you up your project if you are always injured.  While it is important to keep up with your injury prevention and mobility work, this isn't going to prevent injuries altogether. [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Steve Bechtel on Periodization

If you look at the training plans written by any of the top climbing trainers, they often look completely different and contain a lot of different exercises.  However, they also have one thing in common.  They are all organized around [...]

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Top 5 Nutrition Articles

As climbers looking to maximize our performance, we have a complex relationship with food and nutrition.  We want to fully fuel our climbing and give our bodies everything it needs to recover and get ready for our next climbing training [...]

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Power Training with the Chest-Bump Pull-Up

Let's face it.  Whether it's because of fatigue or worn skin, our fingers often give out long before our muscles.  However, while tired and worn out fingers may mean you are done climbing for the day, it doesn't necessarily mean [...]

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Warming Up for a Hangboard Session

One of the features of hangboards that make them such a valuable training tool is how convenient they make getting a quality workout in.  Once you've mounted a fingerboard in your home, you can effectively train finger strength without having to make [...]

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Neil Gresham on Cardio for Climbing

Should running be a part of your climbing training?  This question about cardio training has been hotly debated topic and you can get wildly different answers depending on who you ask.  However, as with most things related to training, there [...]

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Top 5 Hangboarding Articles

If there is one thing that all climbers should be consistently training it's finger strength.  Like it or not, having strong fingers is important for all hard climbing and the single best way to train finger strength for climbing is [...]

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