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Conquer the Crux – 5 Steps to Establishing a Home Yoga Practice

The benefits of yoga for athletic performance are well established. However, with your time and money already at a premium, committing to consistently going to yoga classes can feel completely unrealistic.  Luckily, you can enjoy all the athletic benefits of yoga [...]

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Nicholas Kuhl – Returning to Climbing After a Traumatic Back Injury

We talk a lot about how most climbing injuries are preventable. While this statement is definitely true, it pertains mostly to overuse injuries and doesn't account for the fact that climbing has some inherent dangers. Injuries that are the result [...]

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Lattice Training: Core Training Video

The fact that core strength is important for climbing performance is no secret. A strong core allows us to create body tension and lets us transfer weight to our feet when climbing on overhanging terrain. Core training should be a staple [...]

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The Climbing Doctor: Pulley Injuries Explained Part II

Pulley injuries happen. It's unfortunate, but somewhat unavoidable if you climb for long enough. Not too long ago we shared an article from Dr. Jared Vagys website, The Climbing Doctor, by Doctor of Physical Therapy Matt DeStefano. In this first [...]

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Lattice Training: Body Positioning on Rings and TRX

The Olympic Rings and TRX are very valuable training tools. They can be used to train climbing specific strength, especially core strength and shoulder stability. They can also be used effectively as part of an injury prevention program to train [...]

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The Project Magazine: 56° Underground with Ned Feehally

When it comes to training for climbing, it's hard to be more dedicated and maniacal than the British. Whether you trace it back to Jerry Moffatt and Ben Moon or look at current day climbers, the fact is Brits have a unique [...]

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Comparing Hangboard Protocols

Hangboards are the best way to train finger strength. When used properly, they are extremely safe and let us fine tune the intensity of our workouts. However, for climbers new to training on a fingerboard, the details of different hangboard protocols [...]

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Top 5 TrainingBeta Blog Posts of 2017

Well, 2017 is almost in the books. We hope your year has been full of lots of time climbing with good friends and, of course, lots of sending! To wrap up 2017, here are the top 5 TrainingBeta Blog Post [...]

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