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Transcript Highlight: Kyra Condie Describes Her Campus Routine

You've probably seen videos of Kyra Condie campusing somewhere on social media, right? Well, we did an interview with her on the podcast, and in this transcript excerpt she describes exactly what she does during her campus board workouts. It's [...]

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Gnarly Nutrition Product Review

Athletes in almost all major sports use supplements to help them meet their nutritional needs. However, many climbers look at supplements with skepticism. We worry that supplements will either make us bulk up like bodybuilders or that they are simply a [...]

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The Project Magazine: Joe Kinder Profile

Joe Kinder is a climber who needs no introduction. He has a been a top climber for decades. He has repeated hard sport routes and has developed routes in numerous areas around the world. Additionally, with Jonathan Siegrist's recent ascent [...]

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The Climbing Doctor: Low Back Pain and Climbing

Low back pain can be extremely debilitating and effects a large portion of the population. While low back pain is extremely common in the entire population, it also affects climbers as many of our repetitive movement patterns can quickly lead to [...]

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Top 5 Projecting Articles

Whether you're a sport climber, a boulder, or a trad climber, climbing your hardest is going to require projecting. Although projecting looks a little different on routes and boulders, the most important thing to remember is that it's both a [...]

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Rock and Ice: Recovery Nutrition

Rock and Ice has been running a three-part series on climbing nutrition. Installment one was all about crag snacks we can use for quick energy. Part two covered eating for all-day energy. Today, we have the third installment in the series [...]

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Climb Strong: Understanding Training Notation

We are getting better and better at training for climbing. For climbers looking to improve through systematic training, there are lots of resources available and more and more coaches writing quality training programs. However, if you are going to benefit [...]

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Climbing Magazine: Prevent and Correct Muscle Imbalances

We all know that climbing helps us get strong over time. It would be nice to think that strength develops evenly. However, due to old injuries, incorrect form when training, uneven movement patterns, and the nature of our sport, we [...]

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