Bouldering Training – Free Bouldering Workout

When it come to training for bouldering, it can seem like the best and most enjoyable method is simply to session problems with friends in the gym.  While this approach may work for awhile, it is certainly not the most [...]

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Climbing Trip Tune-Up with Neil Gresham

For many climbers, travel is an essential part of the sport.  Not only do you get to experience new places and cultures, but you also expose yourself to different climbing styles and rock types which is an essential part of [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Daniel Woods on Training for Routes

I know what you're thinking.  Daniel Woods is a boulderer.  Why should I listen to him about training for sport climbs?  Well, the simple answer is that while Daniel is best know for being one of the strongest boulderers on [...]

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Treadwall Training with Climbing Magazine

Training routes in a climbing gym can be tricky.  Even putting aside other hurdles like crowds, the main reason for this is that you need a partner to belay you.  While this may not seem like too big of a [...]

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Neil Gresham: Systems Wall and Symmetrical Training

If you are looking for a way to diversify your strength and power training, systems wall and symmetrical training are a great option.  The benefit of these training techniques is that unlike hangboarding and campus boarding they involve actual climbing movement [...]

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Route Training – Free Endurance Workout

When it comes to trying sport climbs, having good endurance is key.  Without it, the moves climbing bolt to bolt may feel easy, but you'll quickly find yourself swinging from the end of the rope when you try to link sections [...]

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David Mason – Fingerboard Routine

You can make fingerboarding as complicated or as simple as you like.  The good thing is that as long as you are using proper form and consistently progressing the difficulty your fingers will get stronger. To help you fingerboard effectively [...]

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Tension Climbing: Training with Bouldering Circuits

When the boys at Tension Climbing talk, we should all listen... Today, we have an article they wrote about how bouldering circuits can be used to train strength/power, strength/power endurance, and even endurance. "Training with bouldering circuits is a very [...]

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