Complete Core Training with Eric Hörst

When most people talk about a strong core, they immediately think of six pack abs and unending sets of sit ups.  However, training a complete core for climbing requires strengthening all the muscles between the shoulders and hips on both [...]

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Hangboarding for Endurance

It is commonly understood that hangboarding is the best method for improving finger strength.  However, if you are in a bind and have enough motivation, hangboards can be used to train everything from power endurance to full on route endurance. [...]

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The Unsung Benefits of Yoga for Climbing (and 4 Yoga Sequences for Climbers)

It’s no secret that the flexibility gained from yoga is great for climbing. From drop-knees to heel-hooks, adequate flexibility is a necessary part of climbing movement. However, some of the ways that yoga can most positively impact climbers are often [...]

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Rings/TRX Workout Video

If you have ever watched a gymnast perform a ring routine, their upper body and core strength are extremely apparent.  While being able to hold an iron cross isn't necessary for hard climbing, using rings or TRX trainers to train [...]

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Anderson Brothers Core Training

Whether you prefer climbing slabs, steep sport routes, or difficult boulder problems, improving your core strength will have a positive effect on your climbing performance.  However, exactly how to train your core in a functional, climbing-specific way is slightly more [...]

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Training For Climbing – Finger Strength Video

If you follow this blog, then you've definitely noticed that we believe finger strength training on a hangboard is one of the foundations of training for climbing.  While we do our best to provide you with information on different effective [...]

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10 Minute Core Sequence

It's no secret that having a strong core is important for climbing. However, a strong functional core doesn't mean just having a nice six-pack. For climbing, strengthening your core means targeting your entire trunk. To do this effectively, you are [...]

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Ben Davison Training Videos

Over the past several weeks, Epic TV has been posting a series of training videos featuring UK strongman Ben Davison.  In the videos, Ben takes you through most of his training program beginning with his warm up and antagonist training and [...]

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