Lattice Training: Core Training Video

The fact that core strength is important for climbing performance is no secret. A strong core allows us to create body tension and lets us transfer weight to our feet when climbing on overhanging terrain. Core training should be a staple [...]

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Bouldering Training: Free Strength Training Workout

Bouldering, like all climbing, requires really strong fingers.  Any training program that doesn't have a central finger strength component is missing the mark.  Additionally, the time you spend training finger strength is a great time to fit in a full-body strength [...]

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Dave MacLeod: Edge Hangboard and How-To Hangboard Video

Now I know what you're thinking, another article on hangboarding?  We all know finger strength is important and hangboarding is the best way to train it - so haven't we pretty much covered it? Well, those are fair questions.  Unfortunately, while [...]

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Climb Strong: Advances in Core Training

We all know that having a strong core is important for climbing.  However, with all the core exercises out there, it can be hard to tell exactly what's going to be the most effective core training for climbing. To provide some [...]

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Evening Sends – 5 Minute Fingers

Here at TrainingBeta, we get asked a lot, "What's the best hangboard workout?"  Our answer, though, probably isn't what most people are looking for.  Sure, different hangboard protocols have different benefits and drawbacks, but, ultimately, the "best hangboard workout" is the [...]

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ClimbFlow: Leg Strength and Mobility Video

With most climbing training, whether we are hangboarding, campusing, or working out on the rings, we focus almost exclusively on the upper body.  While these types of training are definitely valuable as they are climbing specific, completely neglecting your lower [...]

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Bouldering Training: Free Volume Workout

A new trend in training for bouldering is to put all the focus on doing the hardest possible moves.  While limit bouldering sessions are certainly important for building power, they do not allow you to do a larger volume of [...]

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FrictionLabs: Intro to Campus Board Training

Things like the campus board, the fingerboard, and systems walls are training tools.  As with all tools, they only work if they are used properly. To help you learn exactly what the campus board is and how to use it [...]

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