Bouldering Program – Free Strength and Power Workout

For bouldering, strength and power are king and one of the best tools for training climbing specific power is the campus board.  However, while the campus board is definitely a powerful tool it is often misused.  Not only will this [...]

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Route Climbing Training: Free Workout

When it comes to training for routes, most people think that endurance and power endurance are the most important facets to train.  However, while they are certainly important, strength is the basis of hard climbing.  As Tony Yaniro famously said, [...]

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Warming Up for a Hangboard Session

One of the features of hangboards that make them such a valuable training tool is how convenient they make getting a quality workout in.  Once you've mounted a fingerboard in your home, you can effectively train finger strength without having to make [...]

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6-Week Power Endurance Program Sneak Peek

All climbers need a certain amount of power endurance.  Without good power endurance, you will find yourself in the situation of being able to do all the moves on your projects, but failing because you are unable to link them [...]

By | April 2nd, 2017|4 Comments

Training Women For Upper-Body and Core Strength

For many female climbers, upper-body and core strength can be weaknesses that affect climbing performance.  Obviously, with climbing being a sport that revolves around strength to weight ratio, addressing any weaknesses in upper-body and core strength is important for any [...]

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Lattice Training: Power Endurance

When it comes to route climbing, one of the most important attributes to train is power endurance.  Having good power endurance (PE) allows you to make it through long sections of difficult climbing and make it to the next rest [...]

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New Finger Training Programs!

One thing we've been missing from our arsenal of training tools has been a clear, concise training program for JUST training finger strength. While our other programs have finger training in them, we needed something that was more focused. If [...]

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Lattice Training: TRX and Rings

When it comes to training, we love to focus on the flashy parts of training like improving our personal best on the campus board or working on being able to do lots of one-arm pull ups.  While these exercises certainly [...]

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