Note: We recently created a training program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all about how to train at home with minimal equipment. We hope it helps you stay motivated and strong! Learn more about the program.

While the Covid-19 pandemic is scary and unpredictable, and there are certainly worse things to be concerned about beyond climbing, we are working hard to deliver content focused on at-home training to keep you motivated. Not only can training at home help you maintain the gains you’ve made, but if anything, it can be a nice distraction that helps relieve you of the constant barrage of news and social media that we are faced with daily.

So with that in mind, we have gathered some of our favorite resources from the TrainingBeta website dedicated to training that can be done from the comfort of your own home. The list that follows is a collection of blog posts, podcasts, and even videos containing hangboard workouts, various core exercises, and general strength exercises. Enough to keep you psyched, entertained and motivated to hang onto those gains, and even gain strength in different ways!

Hope you guys find these resources useful! Please continue to be responsible, careful, and safe out there.


1. New Podcast Episode About Training at Home During COVID-19

In this episode, Neely and Matt Pincus, our in-house Remote Climbing Coach at TrainingBeta, talk about home walls, how to approach training at home, and ideas for how to structure your training sessions. Matt also outlines some hangboard protocols, movement patterns to cover in sessions, training general strength, and also provides some sample conditioning circuits. Listen here.

2. Home Training for Climbing During COVID-19

In this article, Matt outlines ideas and sessions for training at home. He goes into detail about hangboarding and general strength training, including circuits and complexes and bodyweight, TRX, & ring exercises! Give it a read.

3. Podcast Episode All About Training at Home

This is a mini podcast episode with Kris about how you can train at home efficiently, no matter what equipment you have to work with. He also gives you several workouts you can do at home, and there is a freebie home circuit workout listed in the description. Listen here.

4. Simple Finger Training Program

In this article, Dr. Tyler Nelson outlines an effective but easy-to-follow hangboard protocol based on the latest sports science research on isometric muscle contractions. Tyler believes this program is suitable for climbers of all ability levels, and you don’t need anything other than a hangboard! Read here.

5. TRX Core Training with Videos

This is a very recent Podcast Episode we released featuring Mark Campbell, a climber and the owner & founder of CoreStrong Fitness in Kansas City, Missouri. Mark just recently started climbing and worked his way up to boulder V8 in a matter of 4 months, so clearly he’s doing something right. In the interview, he talks about how the TRX is so instrumental to climbers and provides a detailed workout and specific exercises you can do on it. He also made videos for us to make all the info easier to understand! Go listen and watch! Listen to the episode here. Listen & watch here.

6. Core Training Program for Climbers

This is another super recent Podcast Episode with Zahan Billimoria, a climber and dedicated trainer & coach to mountain athletes of all kinds. He recently released a comprehensive Bodyweight Training Program for athletes that focuses on the core. In the interview, Neely and Zahan talk about how the core is used in climbing, how core training has improved his climbing, how we can train our core better, and he gives us a sample workout! Listen here.


7. Free Bodyweight Training Program

With the last Podcast Episode listed in mind, Zahan has also graciously made part of his Bodyweight Training Program FREE. Please click on the “COVID19 FREE WORKOUT” button on the top right corner of his website banner and use the code “c19free” at checkout. See program.

8. Warm-up & Core Featuring Esther Smith and Claire Buhrfeind

These are two awesome videos displaying a warm-up and some core exercises that you can all do at home. We LOVE this warm-up routine. It’s a great way to help you warm up for hangboarding at home, and all you need is a band. The core video will certainly challenge you, and you don’t need any equipment at all! Watch the videos here.

9. Free Finger Strength Workout

This is a simple hangboard workout sample taken from our Bouldering Strength & Power Program. Not only will this help your fingers get stronger, but this gives you a little taste of what’s in that program for when your gym opens back up! Read here.

10. Core Training from Lattice Training

This video showcases a core strength training routine that can be done almost anywhere with little to no equipment. Read the write-up too, as it contains some important general advice you can apply to your core training no matter what exercises you’re doing! Watch here.

11. Steve Bechtel on Foundation Strength

We all know that getting stronger is an important part of getting better at climbing, so with that in mind, Steve wrote an article about working on foundation strength year round as a means to improve your baseline level of athleticism. Some of these are exercises that require some weight equipment, however you can modify them to be bodyweight. If anything else, this just gives you a good idea of how to construct an at-home training plan for yourself. Read here.

12. Visit the blog and podcast pages for SO MUCH MORE info on how to train at home!


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