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Date: January 22nd, 2020

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About Zahan Billimoria

I met Zahan at Steve Bechtel’s coaching seminar in Lander, Wyoming in May of 2017. I was struck by his friendliness and his willingness to learn more about coaching and training. While “Z” is an adventure skier, climber and mountain guide, based in Jackson Wyoming, he’s also a dedicated trainer and coach to mountain athletes of all kinds.

He started Samsara Mountain Training in 2015 to offer his clients an individualized approach to training for the vertical world. He creates training plans for people all over the world, and he recently released a comprehensive Bodyweight Training Program for mountain athletes that focuses on the core. I wanted to talk to Z about his bodyweight program (meaning no weights are involved) and how we can incorporate more sport-specific core work into our own training.

Zahan Billimoria Interview Details

  • What the core is and how we use it in climbing
  • New core training program for climbers
  • How we can train our core better
  • Why he uses floor exercises and not TRX
  • How core training has improved his climbing
  • Sample workout

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