Supplements for Climbing

As athletes looking to maximize our performance and the effectiveness of our training, the use of dietary supplements that are actually beneficial is something we should definitely be interested in.  The real crux, though, is determining which supplements will be [...]

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Microwaves and Nutrition

Now, I know what you're thinking.  Typically nothing healthy comes out of a microwave, so how can we be posting an article about microwaves and nutrition?  However, while microwaves are often used to quickly heat up highly processed meals with [...]

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Rest Day Recipe

Like it or not, proper nutrition plays a huge role in climbing performance.  That being said, your nutritional needs differ on climbing and non-climbing days.  When you are out at the crag or training, it is imperative that you are [...]

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Is Soy Dangerous for Men?

For people with a plant based diet or anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive protein source, soy is an attractive option.  However, is soy dangerous?  There is a commonly held belief that consuming too much soy can actually affect hormone levels [...]

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Vegan or Vegetarian Diets for Climbers

Athletes tweaking their diet to maximize performance is nothing new.  However, for whatever reason vegan or vegetarian diets seem to be becoming increasingly more popular amongst climbers.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with this, choosing to follow one of [...]

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Fact or Fiction: The Recovery Beer

For many of us, there is little more enjoyable than a nice cold beer after a hard day of climbing.  While how enjoyable this beer is is not up for debate, climbers often like to justify their post climbing beverages [...]

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Recovery Meal: Pineapple Fried Rice

Eating a good healthy recovery meal immediately to shortly after climbing and training is extremely important for our bodies. Doing so gives us the fuel necessary to rebuild our damaged muscles, get stronger, and recover for our next climbing/training session. [...]

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The Sports Nutrition Pyramid

With all the information out there about sports nutrition and different diets that will supposedly increase athletic performance, it can be overwhelming to know exactly what's important to focus on when designing your own optimal climbing diet.  However, while performance [...]

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