Gnarly Nutrition Product Review

Athletes in almost all major sports use supplements to help them meet their nutritional needs. However, many climbers look at supplements with skepticism. We worry that supplements will either make us bulk up like bodybuilders or that they are simply a [...]

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Rock and Ice: Recovery Nutrition

Rock and Ice has been running a three-part series on climbing nutrition. Installment one was all about crag snacks we can use for quick energy. Part two covered eating for all-day energy. Today, we have the third installment in the series [...]

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Climbing Nutrition: Sugar Guidelines for Climbers

As climbers, we often try to both improve the quality of our diet and restrict our caloric intake in an effort to either lose or maintain our body weight. There's nothing wrong with these goals as long as they are [...]

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Rock and Ice: Climbing Fuel and Hydration

Rock and Ice is running a climbing nutrition series featuring sports dietitian and personal trainer Marisa Michael. We recently shared the first article in the series which covered snacks that you can use for quick energy at the crag. While [...]

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Rock and Ice: Crag Snacks

We all know that we need to eat to properly fuel our bodies. Despite this knowledge, many of us still drastically under fuel ourselves on climbing days. Not having enough crag snacks can quickly sabotage performance, lead to much shorter climbing [...]

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3 Diet Changes to Improve Your Climbing (and Overall Health)

It's Neely here, and today I'm going to talk to you about how nutrition can affect climbers and how to improve your diet starting right now. If you feel like you need help in this department, I'm taking new clients [...]

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