Evening Sends – Will Protein Supplements Make Me Too Bulky to Climb?

As climbers, we all want to get stronger, but we also want to stay light and lean. Attempting to balance these desires has made climbers look at main-stream exercises supplements, like protein shakes, with some serious suspicion. Climbers often feel [...]

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Climbing Magazine: 5 Nutrition Tips for Vegetarian Climbers

Proper nutrition is critical for climbers and athletes of all types.  Giving your body the fuel it needs to perform and then recover from your efforts should be a central concern for all climbers trying to push their limits.  Performance [...]

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Climbing Nutrition – Is Protein Supplementation Effective?

We all know that we need protein to fuel our climbing and training.  However, the real questions are how much protein do we need and is protein supplementation beyond our basic needs going to improve our climbing performance? To help [...]

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Rock Climbing Nutrition: Performance Day Guidelines

All the training and hard work we put in is as climbers is to improve our outdoor climbing.  When you get to go outside feeling fit, motivated, and with good conditions, you want to make the most of it.  Fueling [...]

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Performance Climbing Nutrition with Julia Delves

If you look at high level athletes in other sports like cycling, they all follow strictly planned out diets.  The reason for this is that what you eat has a huge impact on athletic performance.  This fact is just as [...]

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Rock Climbing Nutrition: Rest Day Guidelines

Hopefully you got outside and climbed all weekend.  It being Monday, that means you are probably due for a rest day. While we all want to climb everyday, rest days are critical important.  Hard training and climbing breaks our bodies down, [...]

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LIFT Protein Muffins Review

When it comes to fueling your climbing, real, unprocessed food is always the best.  However, preparing good-tasting, nutritious food for yourself can be time consuming and difficult, especially when you are traveling.  It's in times like these that even some [...]

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3 Common Nutrition Mistakes Climbers Make

Whether we like it or not, the things we eat and drink have a direct impact on our health, our mood, and our climbing performance. It's not always easy to know what to put in your mouth and what to avoid, [...]

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