LIFT Protein Muffins Review

When it comes to fueling your climbing, real, unprocessed food is always the best.  However, preparing good-tasting, nutritious food for yourself can be time consuming and difficult, especially when you are traveling.  It's in times like these that even some [...]

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3 Common Nutrition Mistakes Climbers Make

Whether we like it or not, the things we eat and drink have a direct impact on our health, our mood, and our climbing performance. It's not always easy to know what to put in your mouth and what to avoid, though. [...]

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Caffeine and Climbing – Climbing Nutrition

Whether you choose coffee or tea, a large portion of the population starts their days with a dose of caffeine.  While there isn't anything necessarily wrong with this, as dedicated climbers it's worth looking at how caffeine and climbing fit [...]

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Top 5 Nutrition Articles

As climbers looking to maximize our performance, we have a complex relationship with food and nutrition.  We want to fully fuel our climbing and give our bodies everything it needs to recover and get ready for our next climbing training [...]

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As athletes looking to maximize our performance and the effectiveness of our training, the use of dietary supplements that are actually beneficial is something we should definitely be interested in.  The real crux, though, is determining which supplements will be [...]

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Microwaves and Nutrition

Now, I know what you're thinking.  Typically nothing healthy comes out of a microwave, so how can we be posting an article about microwaves and nutrition?  However, while microwaves are often used to quickly heat up highly processed meals with [...]

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Rest Day Recipe

Like it or not, proper nutrition plays a huge role in climbing performance.  That being said, your nutritional needs differ on climbing and non-climbing days.  When you are out at the crag or training, it is imperative that you are [...]

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Is Soy Dangerous for Men?

For people with a plant based diet or anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive protein source, soy is an attractive option.  However, is soy dangerous?  There is a commonly held belief that consuming too much soy can actually affect hormone levels [...]

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