Rhino Skin Solutions Review

This review of the Rhino Skin Solutions products was written for us by Dan Mirsky.  Dan has redpointed 30+ 5.14 rock climbs all across the country, which beyond being extremely impressive, means that he knows a thing or two about [...]

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Will Anglin – SKIN!

No matter how much you train or how strong you are, an unfortunate reality of rock climbing is that your skin will often wear out before your muscles.  While there is really nothing that can be done to prevent this, [...]

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Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe Review

We've talked before on TrainingBeta about just how important it is to find the right climbing shoe for yourself.  While it's important for this shoe need to be well built and appropriate for whatever type of climbing you are doing, it [...]

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Butora Acro Climbing Shoe Review

As climbers, we all know the importance of having a high-performance climbing shoe if you are really looking to push your limits.  Using an aggressive shoe (or really any performance shoe suited to the climb you are getting on) allows [...]

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Teal Dreher on Training with Kris Peters

If you are not happy with the way your climbing performance is going, then the best thing you can do is change the way you prepare and train.  Here's an article by Teal Dreher about how she used the custom [...]

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Evening Sends – 5 Recovery Tools Every Climber Should Have

As climbers we spend a lot of time talking about and really obsessing over everything that could possibly give us an edge.  However, while we are really concerned with details like how many sets we should be doing on the [...]

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FrictionLabs Chalk: A Review

This review of FrictionLabs chalk was kindly written by Dan Mirsky. Dan has redpointed 30+ 5.14 rock climbs all across the country, so he knows the importance of having good, reliable chalk. Don't miss the discount they're giving TrainingBeta readers [...]

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Review of Pulley Injury Literature

If you climb for long enough eventually you will probably have to deal with some kind of finger injury.  While careful training and preventative care can stave off injury, chances are eventually you are to have some sort of pulley [...]

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