This review of the Rhino Skin Solutions products was written for us by Dan Mirsky.  Dan has redpointed 30+ 5.14 rock climbs all across the country, which beyond being extremely impressive, means that he knows a thing or two about dealing with the ups and downs of skin care as a climber.

As someone who has climbed with Dan extensively, I can personally attest to his skin care battles. So, when I recently met up with Dan and saw the results he was having with the Rhino Skin products, I knew I had to check them out myself.  I have started to use the Rhino Skin products and am definitely psyched I did.

Read Dan’s review below to learn all about the line of different skin care products and how they can be used together to meet all your climbing skin care needs. After you do, if you are interested in checking out the Rhino Skin Solutions products for yourself, you can order them on the Rhino Skin Solutions website, where Justin was kind enough to offer TrainingBeta readers a 15% discount. Just use the code “betarhino” at check out.

Enter Dan Mirsky…

Rhino Skin Solutions Review

I am here in The Red River Gorge, in Kentucky, in June. It’s hot, humid, and not when you would want to come climbing here. I happen to have traveled here for a wedding, and since I am here I figured I might as well do some climbing. I, in fact, have climbed for the last 3 days. Nothing impressive has happened except that after 3 days of grabbing 80+ degree sandstone, my skin doesn’t look or feel like scorched earth. Actually, it doesn’t even really hurt at all. How is this possible? The only answer I can offer is, Rhino Skin for the WIN!

I am not someone with what you would call “good skin”. In fact, ask anyone who has ever climbed with me and they will confirm that skin issues are a regular part of my climbing life and often end my day of climbing. Last spring I was in Smith Rock trying to send some historic American sport routes, but mostly battling my skin. I happened to meet local Justin Brown. We had a shared love for climbing, hops, and skin care, and we became instant friends, like camp buddies…

He started telling me about the skin care products they were developing. I immediately became interested because instead of more greasy salves like everyone else was making, they were designing products to make skin tougher and more durable. Something akin to Antihydral, but less toxic, less finicky to use, less danger of overdrying, and with no complicated application process. Oh, and actually designed for climbers, not fooseball players.

Since last spring, Rhino Skin Solutions has officially launched and my skin life has improved dramatically. Rhino Skin now offers four distinct products, each different and all with the purpose to keep your skin in the game longer.

Rhino Skin Solutions Products

Rhino Skin Repair Cream:


The first and, for me, most important is the Repair Cream. It does just what it says. I have a small bottle of this magical cream in my climbing pack at all times. Whether I am trying my project at the cliff or training in the gym, as soon as I call it a day I rinse my hands with water and and apply Repair.

You know that stiff swollen painful feeling you can get in your hands and fingers after a long hard day of trying hard on the rock. I vaguely remember this feeling. Instead, now I apply the Repair cream and my hands feel cool, hydrated, supple and not greasy, which is great because my next move is to immediately open a cold IPA.

*Side note: An additional bonus of Rhino Skin is that I have not dropped a single beer due to greasy hand salves in over a year.* The repair cream is formulated specifically with natural ingredients that get my skin recovering and regenerating immediately after I am done with my climbing session, allowing my skin to be ready sooner for my next session.

Rhino Skin Performance Cream:

DSC_1529My next move with Rhino Skin is to repeat the application. If I am planning to rest the next day, I apply the repair again sometime around dinner and then again before bed. If I am planning to climb the next day, I switch to the Performance cream for my bedtime application. Performance is designed to toughen your skin while keeping it durable and not brittle. It does have a drying agent Methenamine which, in combination with the other natural ingredients, is what leads to battle-ready skin that is tough, dry, pliable and healthy.

Everyone is different when it comes to sweaty skin issues. For me, one application of Performance before bed when climbing the next day is all I need to keep my skin less sweaty and less likely to become a pink oozing mess. If you are sweatier than me then a more regular application of Performance might do the trick or the real business might be in order, Rhino Skin Dry!

Rhino Skin Dry:


This one is not a cream but a spray liquid. With a higher concentration of the active antiperspirant it will help all you sweaty handed people from leaving a slug trail all over that sloper! I have even found that I can use the Dry right before I climb if my hands are feeling oily or greasy. I just apply and in seconds the liquid is absorbed and my skin feels dry. (Rhino recommends using it 8 hours before climbing).

Dry is definitely the most concentrated Rhino product, but it still doesn’t require any complicated application. simply spray it on let it dry and you are good to go. Overusing could possibly be an issue, but unless you are bathing in it, it’s not likely you are gonna have any problems and certainly not the kind of issues you can have with overusing Antihydral or other harsh aluminum-based antiperspirant drying creams.

Rhino Skin Calm:


The final product from Rhino is Calm. This one is a little different because it is not performance oriented. It is a moisturizer with a blend of herbs and botanicals to create a sense of Calm wherever you apply the cream. I have even used it to alleviate headaches by rubbing some on my temples.

They use lavender, frankincense, marjoram, and other herbs to make it smell nice and do its thing.


Why Rhino Skin Solutions?

Really the best part about all the Rhino Skin products is that they actually work! My go-to products are Repair and Performance. Since I have been on a regular program of using these creams in the ways I’ve described above, I have been able to climb harder, longer, more frequently on both real rock and plastic with way fewer skin issues. If it wasn’t 85 degrees and 70% humidity here in the Red right now, I would be fresh out of excuses for why I can’t hold on long enough to clip the chains on the warmups!

You might need to figure out which Rhino products and what quantities work the best for you, but once you do, I am certain that you too will find that this stuff is legit! If you need to up your skin game, RhinoSkinForTheWin!!!

Rhino Skin Solutions Discount

Again, if you are interested in checking out the Rhino Skin Solutions products for yourself, you can order them on the Rhino Skin Solutions website, where Justin was kind enough to offer TrainingBeta readers a 15% discount. Just use the code “betarhino” at checkout.


About The Author: Dan Mirsky

1-hr-with-dan-iconDan Mirsky is a 32-year-old New Yorker who got stuck in Colorado 13 years ago. He has been climbing in Rifle for the last 11 years and has no plans to ever stop. When he is not climbing in Rifle, Dan can be found trail running through the woods or bartending in a restaurant in Carbondale, CO. In the colder months he and his girlfriend Katy move into their Airstream trailer and leave Colorado in search of warmer temperatures and great climbing.

After 10 years of hard sport climbing Dan still considers himself a student, learning how to be a better rock climber every day. He has redpointed 30+ 5.14 rock climbs up to 5.14c all across the country including Route of All Evil (14b), 50 Words for Pump (14b), Bad Girls Club (14c), Lungfish (14b), The Crew (14c), and an FA of Solid Gold (14c), the direct line to Golden, to name a few. He is always psyched to climb and psyched to see others succeed. He also has an impressive memory for beta, so if you’re projecting something he’s done he can give you all the details….

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