Transcript Highlight: Josh Larson on Training Team USA for the Olympics

Climbing has made it to the Olympics in 2020. While this fact isn't exactly breaking news, what is new and exciting is that Kyra Condie and Nathaniel Coleman have punched their tickets to Toyko after impressive performances at the qualifying [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Dr. Chris Heilman on Starting with the Breath

Most top climbers agree that their mindset is one of the most important factors influencing their performance. Whether they are sport climbers, boulders, or comp climbers, these athletes agree that they can't put forth their best efforts unless they have [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Jonathan Siegrist on Trying Hard

Jonathan Siegrist is a badass. His resume of hard routes speaks for itself and, with several 9b/5.15b sends under his belt, he's in an exclusive club of the world's best rock climbers. For the rest of us, when you see [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Brianna Greene and How Dealing with Fear Helped Her Climb 5.12a

Dealing with fear is part of climbing. Unfortunately, a failure to manage fear is one of the things that holds peoples' climbing back the most. You can train hard, get stronger fingers, and have world-class endurance, but if you aren't [...]

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Transcript Highlight: The Access Fund on How We Can All Protect Our Climbing Areas

The spring and summer climbing season is upon us! This means it's time for long days, road trips, camping, and generally getting outside to enjoy the wild places we love. With that said, all of us here at TrainingBeta thought [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Steve Bechtel on New Endurance Training Methods

You're above your bolt gunning for the chains on your project. But wait! Your forearms are getting pumped, your elbows start to chicken wing, you start to panic, and before you know it your hanging from the end of your [...]

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