Transcript Highlight: Roanne Van Voorst on How Lynn Hill Deals with Fear

Fear can be one of the most limiting factors in climbing performance. The fear of falling is probably the most common climbing fear and we are all familiar with climbers who become paralyzed with fear as soon as a bolt [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Dave MacLeod on Training vs Performance

As climbers, most of us always want to be pushing hard to progress our climbing. We want to be training as hard as possible when we are in the gym and sending as hard as possible when we are outside. [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Kyra Condie Describes Her Campus Routine

You've probably seen videos of Kyra Condie campusing somewhere on social media, right? Well, we did an interview with her on the podcast, and in this transcript excerpt she describes exactly what she does during her campus board workouts. It's [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Joshua Rucci on Resting

Most of us want to climb all the time. While there's obviously nothing wrong with loving climbing, we can't do it every day. Resting is important. Whether we are on a trip or simply motivated to train, we tend to [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Paige Claassen on Learning to Try Hard

Paige Claassen just sent the historic Necessary Evil 5.14c in the VRG. She had tried this route in the past, trained specifically for it, and then stuck it out at the crag to come away with a send. Congrats Paige! [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Dr. Jared Vagy on Muscle Activation Exercises

While we have definitely learned a lot about how to effectively train for climbing, from a sports science perspective, climbing is still far behind lots of other mainstream sports. We can't catch up overnight (research takes time!), but one of [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Lattice Training on The Training Needs of Males vs Females

It may seem obvious that men and women have different strengths and weaknesses as climbers and athletes.  However, while we are quick to make generalizations about which climbs are better suited to either men or women, we don't seem to [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Paige Claassen on Your First Time Up a Project

When we watch videos of professional climbers sending super hard routes, it's easy to be amazed at their ability to confidently climb through such sustained sections of incredibly hard climbing.  Sometimes, the send even looks effortless. However, what these send [...]

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