Transcript Highlight: Lattice Training on The Training Needs of Males vs Females

It may seem obvious that men and women have different strengths and weaknesses as climbers and athletes.  However, while we are quick to make generalizations about which climbs are better suited to either men or women, we don't seem to [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Paige Claassen on Your First Time Up a Project

When we watch videos of professional climbers sending super hard routes, it's easy to be amazed at their ability to confidently climb through such sustained sections of incredibly hard climbing.  Sometimes, the send even looks effortless. However, what these send [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Lee Sheftel on Motivation

If you've spent any time climbing in Rifle Mountain Park, then you've seen Lee Sheftel.  Despite recently turning 71, Lee is always in the canyon climbing pitches and working on his projects with just as much motivation as the 20 [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Justin Brown on If You Should Keep Your Skin Dry

An unfortunate reality of climbing is that it can beat up our skin.  We've all been there hoping our skin will get less greasy, willing our skin to grow faster, or praying a split will heal over night all so [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Daniel Woods on Training for Routes

I know what you're thinking.  Daniel Woods is a boulderer.  Why should I listen to him about training for sport climbs?  Well, the simple answer is that while Daniel is best know for being one of the strongest boulderers on [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Mathilde Becerra on Double Sessions

With all the information on training and all the exercises you"should be doing," it can be hard to know how to fit everything in without turning your sessions into 5 hour marathons that leave you wrecked for a week.  Additionally, [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Danny Robertson on Projecting Tactics

We all have dream projects.  You know the routes and boulders that that keep you awake at night. It turns out, if you never try these climbs you'll never do them.  However, getting on them and training to be strong [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Margarita Martinez on Training Endurance

Training endurance seems pretty simple.  Just climb until you are pumped silly and repeat right? While this approach can definitely work, how can you be sure you are actually reaching your maximum pump level?  Did you fall because you truly [...]

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