If you are looking to improve your roped climbing whether sport climbing or trad climbing, endurance training and power endurance training are of the upmost importance.  Fortunately, there are ways to train endurance that do not require a partner and doing lap after lap roped up in the climbing gym.

Here’s a video from The Depot Climbing Center and Taylor Made Videography that features Alex Barrows describing his power endurance and endurance training that he does almost exclusively on a bouldering wall.  Alex is no stranger to endurance training having trained his way to climbing his first 9a/5.14d Era Vella in Spain earlier this year (which he describes in his Training Beta Podcast).

In this video, Alex describes how he trains base endurance, endurance for longer pumpy routes, and power endurance for sustained crux sections and shorter bouldery routes.

The workouts Alex describes are

  • Base endurance training
  • Circuit training for longer pumpy routes
  • Back to back boulder problems
  • Foot on campusing

Watch the video above or click through bellow to see the original.  The workouts described in the video are also written out in more detail in the vimeo description.

Also, if you’re looking to improve your endurance and power endurance check out our training programs.  We have a subscription-based Route Climbing Training Program designed to help you take you’re route climbing to the next level.  Additionally, we offer both a 6-Week Power Endurance Program by Kris Peters and a 8-Week Endurance Program by Kris Hampton if you are looking to target one of these areas specifically.

Click Here: Endurance Training with Alex Barrows

(video still courtesy of talyormadevideography.com)

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