Get More Power Endurance for Routes or Boulders

If you find that you can do all the moves on your route or boulder problem projects, but you can’t quite put all the moves together, then you have a need for power endurance. This program will help you build it so you can send harder and more quickly than ever before. You’ll train for 4 weeks, have an active rest week, then you’re set free to start sending.

  • 4 Unique Workouts Every Week
  • 1 “Optional” Workout for Busy People
  • Climbing, core, fitness
  • Campusing, fingerboard
  • Scalable to every climber
  • Download ebook to any device
  • Money back guarantee


Start Training for Just $39


To get this amount of one on one training with Kris, it would normally cost over $2000

What People Are Saying

“Thank you! Great Success!”

“After years of being stuck climbing 5.11 my girlfriend convinced me to do your 6-week Power Endurance Program. I kept to the program and did all the optional days. During my performance week I sent 2 5.12a’s!! I saw amazing gains and wanted to let you all know the program works and that I am very appreciative.”

 – Robert

Why We Made This Program

I was trying routes and boulders that had these long sections of hard climbing, and I kept falling off, even though each move in isolation didn’t feel super hard for me. I wanted to get so strong that I could do all those hard moves in a row.

I needed a power endurance climbing training program. Sure, there are plenty of “training programs” out there, but I wanted someone to tell me exactly what to do and when to do it.

I wanted to know:

  • how many sets
  • how many reps
  • how many routes
  • how many boulders
  • and how hard they should be

I wanted someone to tell me exactly what to do on the campus board, and exactly what to do in the weight room.  

I wanted to get stronger, but none of the books, websites, or free pdfs online were able to tell me exactly how to do that. Maybe I’m a needy individual, but I wanted a personal rock climbing trainer right next to me, guiding me step-by-step through every workout.

I just didn’t want to pay for that.

Personal climbing trainers all cost about $60/hour or more.

Then I realized that you probably want the same thing. I mean, we’re all out there competing against ourselves to be the best rock climbers we can be, right? We all want to train to get stronger.

So I called Kris Peters up and asked him to write us all a power endurance training program.

And that’s how this training program was born. It’s a downloadable PDF that contains 4 workouts per week for any level of climber (it’s scalable) to help build power endurance. And it works.

Start Training for Just $39


To get this amount of one on one training with Kris, it would normally cost over $2000

Is This Training Program for You?

If you have a climb you want to send and you can do every move, but you can’t do all of them in a row, power endurance is what you need. This program is for boulderers and route climbers alike. You’ll need a wall to train on, and if you’re a boulderer, you’ll just substitute 2 boulder problems for every route that’s prescribed in the program.

If you climb between 5.10+ and 5.13+ or boulder between V3 and V11, you’ll benefit the most from this program. But all workouts are scalable (Kris tells you how to make it easier or harder), and we’ll warn you if you should absolutely not be doing a particular workout (campusing, etc.), and give you a substitute workout to do.

Still not sure? Here’s a SAMPLE OF THE PROGRAM (pdf) so you can see it before you take the plunge.

Equipment You’ll Need

  • Climbing wall (bouldering or routes)
  • Running shoes (or a bike – something for cardio)
  • A pull-up bar
  • Dumbbells of varying weights
  • Campus board
  • Journal

Kris Peters

Who Is Kris Peters?

The author of this 6-Week Power Endurance Training Program is Kris Peters of Boulder, Colorado. He’s one of the top climbing trainers in the U.S., and has worked with pro-level climbers, including Daniel Woods, Sasha DiGiulian, Alex Johnson, Emily Harrington, Matt Segal, Matty Hong, and many others.

However, luckily for the rest of us, he doesn’t just work with genetic mutants. He works with climbers of all levels every day, training people one-on-one, in group sessions, and from a distance with climbers all over the world.

Kris has been training climbers since 2010, and athletes of all kinds since 2004. With many certificates as  a Personal Trainer, Kris is highly qualified to guide you through this comprehensive climbing training program.

To get this amount of one on one training with Kris, it would normally cost over $2000

See Kris In Action Training Emily Harrington

This is a taste of what you’ll experience while following the training program. Having a solid plan created by a professional could be the difference between sending and failing.

What People Are Saying

The training plan went great! I have been climbing for around 12 years, I think 8 years of that I have been climbing in the same range of difficulty. After going though the plan I felt stronger and was able to push beyond that difficulty. I have a 2 year old son, run a small business and have another son on the way. The plan was flexible enough for me to fit it my schedule. I am looking forward to running through it again in a few months.

Nathan from Akron, OH
Rock Candy Holds

Thanks for the program – its been exciting. Above all, I was able to have some discipline and not just spend weeks and weeks projecting, which is undoubtedly cool! I feel that I don’t get pumped as often/quickly, which is cool because I’ve been able to rope climb in a more confident way… rests simply became better.


When I started training with Kris last year, I thought I knew how to train myself. After a few sessions, I immediately realized I needed a ton of help. Kris showed me how to cross train, motivated me, and kept in touch with me consistently to make sure the training was going well. Without it, there’s no way I would’ve trained well enough to win nationals again! I, of course, kept training with him from then on, and I feel stronger than ever!

Kyra Condie
Pro Climber

The first time I met Kris I knew instantly what we shared in common: passion. He had a passion to meet my training needs, to motivate me, and simply to make me smile. I had a passion of trying to get stronger, mentally and physically, and we worked really well together from the start. Kris is organized and he takes pride in his job, which was a reflection on my improvement in climbing. One thing that stood out to me was his adaptability. When I had ankle surgery last fall, he got creative and worked around even being on crutches. Without him, I would have never made as quick of a recovery. Overall, Kris is a fantastic trainer with the perfect combination of caring about his athlete while maintaining sternness.

Courtney (Sanders) Woods
Pro Climber



To get this amount of one on one training with Kris, it would normally cost over $2000


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Average rating:  
 4 reviews

Have been using the program (power endurance). On week 2 day 4 now.Finding it really well set out and easy to follow, especially the ways to tailor it to suit my needs and abilities. In the beginning I had to do less of some exercises, but now am adding some extra ones into the mix as times allows.It really helps having something to follow, even just for motivation! I couldn't even hang on a campus when started, never tried really as always thought I'd hurt myself on it. So really stoked with the gains I've seen from that.I climb 7a outdoors (plus minus) and about 6c indoors (find indoors very tweaky so always go easy), after two weeks of training am sending most V4's first or second go, compared to struggling before! this was previously my highest grade, so after program should be good to work on some harder ones!Only negative, is finding someone to belay! as always... but fortunately there are a few auto belays at the gym.Got a sport climbing trip to Spain end of Feb, which ties in perfectly with the program. So will let you know how that works out.

I can't get pumped!

I did the Power Endurance program and I swear that after I finished it, I could not get pumped. I sent New Wave Hookers, which (you might be familiar with it) is a route at my limit with pretty much zero rests. I also learned a little bit more about my limits by pushing through the workouts; specifically, that I can feel like my arms are going to fall off and still hold on.I'm really glad that I did it and will definitely use it again when power endurance is once again a clear weakness of mine.


Hey Neely,I cannot say how much I enjoy your website and everything it offers. I am a rock climber who suffered a massive injury almost four years ago, and I have come back through a long recovery to climb stronger than before, as well as compete on American Ninja Warrior. Your plans and podcasts have been tremendous for me. I used KP's power endurance training plan last spring and loved it and have continued to train with him off and on since then. I also listen to your podcasts when I'm doing cardio and the interviews you conduct keep me inspired and motivated. I love that you always ask the questions I'm thinking in my head and you don't shy away from tough ones. I really enjoyed the interview you did with Alex Puccio! Anyways, what you're doing is awesome and I really appreciate it. So thank you. :)Jen Nicely

You guys are awesome!

Training Beta has been extremely beneficial to me. I had no idea how to train for climbing besides some basic 4x4 workouts, and I was having a hard time getting over the 5.10 grade for a couple years. Since doing your 6 week power endurance program I am leading 5.11s and top roping 5.12a's and I'm feeling a lot more confident in my ability to keep improving. Training Beta is definitely worth every penny and I highly recommend it to everyone I meet at the gym and the crag.You guys are awesome!Ben Henson