Climbing Magazine: Three Subtle Technique Changes with Justen Sjong

When our performance plateaus, most of us immediately feel like we need to double down on our training.  After all, climbs would feel a whole lot easier if you just had stronger fingers, could do 1-5-9 on the campus board, [...]

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Climbing Magazine: 5 Nutrition Tips for Vegetarian Climbers

Proper nutrition is critical for climbers and athletes of all types.  Giving your body the fuel it needs to perform and then recover from your efforts should be a central concern for all climbers trying to push their limits.  Performance [...]

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Shauna Coxsey and Leah Crane Training Video

For most climbers, a climbing trip consists of traveling to one of the many amazing outdoor climbing destinations around the world.  However, for top IFSC World Cup competitors like Shauna Coxsey and Leah Crane, their 6-day a week training schedule [...]

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Eric Hörst – Managing the Fear of Falling Video

One of the most common things holding climbers back is a fear of falling.  Whether you are bouldering or sport climbing, there is no way to effectively climb your hardest if you are paralyzed by a fear.  Now, obviously there are [...]

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Jonathan Siegrist – How Bouldering Has Helped his Sport Climbing

In climbing, most of us have our preferred style whether its sport climbing, trad climbing, or bouldering.  Many climbers even end up specializing and climbing within one of these disciplines almost exclusively. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with this kind [...]

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Climbing Magazine – 4 Tips for Overcoming the Frustration of Failure

There's a lot of failure in climbing.  Sure, it would be great if climbing was all clipping chains and toping out boulders, but in reality climbing anything truly difficult for you requires a lot of falling and failing.  Even for [...]

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Dan Mirsky – The Projecting Process

If you watch videos of the top climbers on their hardest redpoints, their climbing is incredibly precise as they flow straight through difficult sequence after difficult sequence.  The send can even look effortless.   However, what you are not seeing in [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Paige Claassen on Your First Time Up a Project

When we watch videos of professional climbers sending super hard routes, it's easy to be amazed at their ability to confidently climb through such sustained sections of incredibly hard climbing.  Sometimes, the send even looks effortless. However, what these send [...]

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