Lattice Training: Adam Ondra and Alex Megos by the Numbers

With Adam Ondra's incredible ascent of Silence, the world's first 5.15d or 9c, still fresh in the news, speculation has already started as to when another climber will achieve this level.  Alex Megos is an obvious candidate.  Based on their [...]

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FrictionLabs: Intro to Climbing Movement with Dan Mirsky

Focus on getting good at climbing, not just on getting strong. To help you really put this sentiment into action, here's an article from the FrictionLabs blog by climber and coach Dan Mirsky.  The article is an introduction to climbing [...]

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Natasha Barnes – Hamstring Injuries in Climbers

When we think of climbing injuries, most of us jump right to finger, elbow, and shoulder injuries. While injuries to these areas are definitely common, they are all upper body injuries. Last time I checked, we also use our lower [...]

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EpicTV – Adam Ondra Endurance Training

We've all heard of 4x4's.  However, we bet you've never seen them done like Adam Ondra does them in his latest Epic TV training video. In this latest installment of the EpicTV series showcasing Adam's training, we get to see Adam digging [...]

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The Project Magazine: David Mason on Training, Travel, and Mind Games

We've heard from British boulderer and coach David Mason before on TrainingBeta.  He's been on the TrainingBeta Podcast and has written an article detailing his training.  Since then, it seems not much has changed for David and that's a good [...]

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EpicTV- Adam Ondra Power Endurance Campusing

When most of us think of the campus board we think of it as power training tool.  While this is definitely it's most common use, campusing can also be used to train power endurance as the recent EpicTV video with [...]

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Chris Sharma and Patxi Usobiaga Training Video

When it comes to training, nothing is more important than motivation.  Being psyched and ready to dig deep and try your hardest will take you much farther than any new hangboard protocol or flashy commercial gym.  The new video of [...]

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Neil Gresham: Coming Back From Injury

Ultimately, injury rehabilitation is a complicated topic and anything other than minor tweaks it is definitely worth seeking the advice of a medical expert.  However, to give you some general advice, here's an article from Rock and Ice by British [...]

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