bäm Board Review

Ready for something new and exciting in the world of hangboarding? Ben Spannuth recently released the bäm board hangboard, a first-of-its-kind fully adjustable board. Here, Dan Mirsky and Katy Dannenberg have written a review of the bäm board- how it works, the specs [...]

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Shoe Review: Tenaya Oasi

Shoe review - Tenaya Oasi Written by Dave Sheldon $165 Trango.com or Amazon.com The Spanish climbing shoe brand Tenaya hit the U.S. shores two years ago and quickly carved out a piece of the shoe market pie. Their immediate popularity can [...]

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Hangboard Training Timing

(photo courtesy of mountainproject.com) If you've ever been training on the hangboard and wished you had a better system for timing yourself than a simple stopwatch, this could be the solution for you. Josh Janes wrote this great forum post [...]

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Review: The Rock Climber’s Training Manual

The Rock Climber’s Training Manual – A Guide to Continuous Improvement By Michael and Mark Anderson $28.95 on www.fixedpin.com This book review was written by Dave Sheldon, a frequent contributor to popular climbing magazines and TrainingBeta. Enter Dave... The Rock Climber’s [...]

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Steve Bechtel’s Book on Strength Training

This post was written by Steve Bechtel, climbing trainer and owner of climbstrong.com. Steve's book on strength training is called Strength: Foundational Training for Rock Climbing, which he describes in full on this post. He explains below why strength training with [...]

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