How do you warm up?  Do you simply walk up to the crag and start climbing on easy routes and boulder problems?  While this type of warming up will eventually get the job done, it does neglect parts of your body that could use some special attention like the shoulders.

To help you warm up properly, here is a video by strong boulderer and pilates instructor Ann Raber that outlines a shoulder warm up routine both using and not using a resistance band.  As Ann puts it:

“This is a series of exercises (half using a resistance band half not) to warm up your shoulders, forearms and wrists for a hard session of climbing. These moves will take your arms and shoulders through every plane of movement at varied a range of motion, warming up those big and small joints for what’s ahead. Perform them standing so that your lower body stays engaged and clicks into gear for the day. I hope you find this super helpful to give you many hours of pain free climbing!” – Ann Raber

While pre-climbing routines like this one take a little bit of time, they are a great way to prevent injury and ensure that you get fully warmed up before you start trying your hardest.  Check out the shoulder warm up in the video below and give it a shot! (link no longer available)

Also be sure to click through below to check out the rest of Ann’s website where she shares here psyche and advice on climbing and training.

Click Here: Ann Raber’s Website (link no longer available) 

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