Shauna Coxsey and Alex Megos are two of the world’s elite climbers.  They have both spent countless hours in the gym training to perfect their craft.  However, both athletes are still as hungry as ever to continue training hard in an effort to improve.  Here’s a video of Shauna and Alex training together at Germany’s Café Kraft.

Café Kraft’s coach Dicki Korb is one of the worlds top climbing trainers and coaches who has been Alex Mego’s coach since he was young.  In this video, you see a brief interview with Shauna about her motivations to continue improving, Shauna doing some antagonist training with Coach Dicki on the gymnastic rings, and Alex and Shauna sessioning some incredibly difficult looking problems on the Café Kraft training board.  If you need an extra dose of motivation for your next training session here it is.

If you like what you see in this video and want more from Café Kraft, check out their training book Gimme Kraft! for more information about their training techniques.

Click Here: Shauna Coxsey and Alex Megos Training Video

(video still courtesy of Café Kraft)

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