More and more climbers are learning that hang boarding is the most effective training for finger strength.  However, before you head straight to the fingerboard and do nothing but train your fingers  for the rest of your training cycle remember that while finger strength is definitely of the upmost importance and deserves a lot of your attention it is only part of the equation.  If you really want to progress and improve at climbing across the board you’ll have to train the rest of your body.  Enter gymnastic rings…

Gymnastic rings are a powerful training tool that can be used to train the core, shoulders, chest, and body tension.  They are a great way to do opposition training and boost your overall strength while working to stay injury free.

Here’s a video from the Depot Climbing Center made by Taylor Made Videography that details a variety of exercises on the gymnastic rings that will definitely trash your core, chest, and shoulders providing a great full body workout for climbing.

(Sorry, video no longer exists)

Take a look at this video above or follow the link bellow.  Then give training on the gymnastic rings a go for yourself.  The exercises demonstrated in this video are:

  • Skin the cat
  • Flys
  • Revolver push ups
  • Rows
  • Muscle ups
  • Inverted pull ups
  • Front levers
  • Back levers
  • Ice cream makers

Click Here: Strength Training for Climbing – Gymnastic Rings

(video still courtesy of

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