Kris Hampton of Power Company Climbing and author of our 8-Week Endurance Training Program wrote and article about the importance of Daniel Woods and his send of The Bubble Wrap Project.  While Daniel Woods sent the Bubble Wrap Project, which is located at CATS in Boulder, CO several years ago, Kris explains how this project is the perfect of example a long term indoor project and is exactly what one should be looking for when training with limit bouldering.

“Because we want long term indoor projects.  Problems that we can work on season after season, year after year.” 

“You can do all the tracking of your workouts and writing training journals that you want to, but there is no better gauge of progress than being able to easily do something that a few years ago you couldn’t touch.” – Kris Hampton

Kris goes on to explain how not being able to provide this kind of consistent measuring stick is a major limitation of most commercial gyms that reset their bouldering walls every month or so.

“It leads to a difficult to break cycle of projecting a certain problem for a week, then getting distracted by the new problems of the same difficulty next week, and so on, ad nauseam.  In this setting, many ‘breakthroughs’ are simply a send of an overgraded problem that, in reality, is the same difficulty as last months project.” – Kris Hampton

Training with limit bouldering is a fantastic way to improve power and take one’s bouldering to the next level.  Check out the rest of Kris’ article about the importance of longterm indoor projects.  Then make sure to watch the videos of Daniel Woods trying and eventually sending The Bubble Wrap Project to see the process of limit bouldering executed perfectly.

Click Here: The Importance of Daniel Woods and The Bubble Wrap Project

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