Do you struggle on with big moves? How about with high steps and keeping your feet on during really steep climbing? Chances are the reason your struggling with these moves is not because of a lack of pull or finger strength.  Instead its an issue with your hip mobility and core strength.  Here’s an article from by Charlie Manganiello that outlines three lifts and three mobility exercises that will help you improve your hip mobility and core strength.

The lifts are:

  1. Kettle bell front squat
  2. Kettle bell swing
  3. Seated leg raises

The mobility exercises are:

  1. Hip flexor stretch
  2. Frog stretch
  3. Pink panther drill

As Charlie notes in his article, these lifts and mobility exercises (which are all accompanied by descriptions and “how to” pictures) are simply meant to strengthen a weak link:

“The set-up will be three lifts and three mobility exercises. You’ll do this for 4 weeks 2 times a week. Remember we are just strengthening a weak link, not training to be the next big power lifter. Climbing is very sport specific. We only need to be “strong enough,” so keep the weight at 75-80% of your max. If you don’t know your max there will be some trial and error involved. I recommend starting light and then once you learn the lift you can start increasing the load. It’s very important to find the right load for you. If you go too light you won’t see any gains and if you go too heavy you’ll end up injured.” – Charlie Manganiello

Click through bellow to check out the entire article and give these drills/exercises a shot. They just might make a big difference in your climbing.

If you find these helpful and are looking for more strength training guidance, check out our Strength Training Guide by Steve Bechtel of for more in depth information about how to effectively strength train for climbing.

Click Here: Improve You Hip Mobility and Core Strength

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