A good, thorough warm up is one of the most important aspects of any day out climbing or training.  Warming up not only readies and allows your body to try its hardest, but also is one of best forms of injury prevention.

To further emphasize the importance of a thorough climbing warmup and help you do so more effectively, here’s a blog post from The Climbing Doctor Dr. Jared Vagy that features two climbing warmup exercises and includes how-to photos submitted by reader Wei-Ming of how to quickly and affordably make the necessary straps.


The two exercises described in the article that use the above straps and are taken from Dr. Vagy’s Injury Prevention Guide are:

  1. Drop knee warmup
  2. Reverse outside flag warmup

Click through bellow to view the entire post in which Dr. Vagy describes how to perform and why these warmup exercises are an important part of a climbing warmup that both helps you get ready to try your hardest and prevents injuries in the process.

Obviously, these two drills alone will not fully warm you up.  If you are looking for more information about how to thoroughly warmup and about injury prevention in general, check out Dr. Vagy’s Injury Prevention Guide.  This downloadable ebook is full of detailed information that will help you keep climbing and avoid being sidelined by any nagging injuries.

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Click Here: Climbing Warmup Exercises

(photos courtesy of theclimbingdoctor.com)

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