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About Dr. Jared Vagy

I am so excited to put this podcast out! Holy crap. This is some MUCH NEEDED info for climbers of all types and ability levels, and I really hope you listen to the whole thing.

Jared Vagy is a PhD physical therapist who also happens to be a rock climber who’s had a lot of injuries. He works with athletes of all kinds and does phone/skype and in-person sessions with climbers all over the world.

He’s written a book just for us on how to prevent and treat common climber injuries, and he’s got a lot more info for us up his sleeve. He’s super passionate about educating us, and I’m so happy I found him!

He’s dissected our contorted movements and figured out how we can prevent finger, elbow, and shoulder injuries.

What We Talked About

  • Finger injuries
  • Elbow injuries
  • Shoulder injuries (my favorite!)
  • What we’re doing wrong on the wall and in daily life to cause these injuries
  • How to properly warm up before climbing

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