Climbing Magazine: 7 Stretches for Climbing Road Trips

If you’re a dedicated climber, then you’ve almost definitely driven long distances to climb.  While road trips are exciting and super fun, long periods in the car can leave you feeling stiff, sore, and ready for a rest day.  But, come on!  Who want’s to start their climbing trip with a rest day? You want to spend day-one out climbing not resting and doing all the stretches and mobility work you can think of.

To help you make sure you arrive at your next climbing destination ready for a day out, here’s an article from Climbing Magazine and Heidi Wirtz that features 7 stretches you can do in the car (as a passenger!) to stay limber on the road.

“Weekend warrior or van lifer, most committed climbers endure long drives to reach prime destinations. We hit the road with playlists, podcasts, and perhaps a strong coffee in tow. But Heidi Wirtz, a pro climber and frequent traveler, adds that we can also use our time in the car to stay limber. Wirtz, the instructor for Climbing’s Yoga for Climbers online course, leads us through some yoga poses that you can do in your car, so you arrive at the crag feeling flexible and focused instead of stiff, road-weary, and cranky. (Note: These are poses for the passenger, not the driver!)” – Climbing Magazine

7 Stretches for Climbing Road Trips

The stretches outlined in this article can all be done while sitting in a car and focus on keeping as much of your body nice and limber.  Specifically, they target your hips, shoulders, thoracic spine, neck, and legs.  There are photos showing you how to do each of these stretches so you can try them out as soon as you hit the road.

As we said above, these stretches are meant to be done by the passenger only.  Be safe on the road and click through below to check out these road trip stretches for yourself!

Full Article: Climbing Magazine – 7 Stretches for Climbing Road Trips

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