Climbing Meta – Foam Rolling for Climbers

Hard climbing and training put a ton of strain on our bodies.  It’s why, even though we may not want to take them, we all need rest days.  The thing with rest days is that we don’t just have to sit back and let them happen.  Through things like foam rolling, we can actually improve the quality of our recovery so that we will feel even fresher when we get back to climbing or training.

Foam rolling may seem really simple, but it’s not just about rolling out your back.  To give you an idea of how to effectively foam roll and aid our full body recovery, here’s an article and video from Climbing Meta.

“Muscle tightness is something I encounter regularly after training and sitting at work all day doesn’t help things either. Stretching does help with some of this, but more recently I’ve started learning how to use a foam roller. I’ve found it really helps to target knots and tightness in both my upper and lower body.” – Climbing Meta 

Climbing Meta Foam Rolling Video

As Shaun states in the article and video, foam rolling can be done in lots of different ways.  However, what he demonstrates in the video is a great introduction that will help you get started and go a long way in aiding your recovery between climbing and training days.  Check out the video below and be sure to click through, read the rest of the article, and check out all the other resources Climbing Meta has to offer.

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