Every climber can agree that climbing with tape on your fingertips is a bummer. It can slip, roll, snag the rock weird, and usually prevents you from being able to grab a hold exactly how you want to.

Part of learning how to train for climbing should involve injury prevention, including skin-care. Training and climbing are super hard on the skin but there are ways to strengthen your skin and maintain it to prevent splits and flappers.

A professional climber’s grip can’t just be strong, it has to be tough enough to withstand hold after hold while sustaining countless scrapes, gashes, cracks, and blisters along the way.” -Aleta Burchyski

This article from outsideonline.com includes skin-care tips from pro-climbers, Sam Elias and Alex Johnson….

“When your skin is good, you don’t feel like you’re slipping as much. And more than anything, you can bear down on really small, sharp holds without pain taking your mind away and keeping you from trying as hard as you want to.” -Sam Elias 

They talk about the products they use to keep their skin clean and what they use when they do get splits and scrapes. They give suggestions for figuring out if your skin is particularly dry or sweaty and how to treat it accordingly. They talk about liquid chalk, sandpaper and hand creams they recommend.

Learn it from the pros and improve your skin-care to keep you climbing hard, without taped fingertips….

CLICK HERE: Secret Skin-Care Tips From Rock Climbing Pros

(photo courtesy of outsideonline.com)

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