Do you have trouble utilizing extremely high feet?  How about difficult or powerful heel hooks?  Here’s an article form Ned Feehally of on the importance of flexibility for climbing that may help.

In his article, Ned Feehally argues against the claim that strong muscles are inflexible muscles and illustrates how increasing flexibility (especially in the lower body) can improve climbing performance.

“A flexible body allows you to get your body in unfeasible positions and really milk the holds you are given. A flexible lower body is the most important as it allows you to:”

“1) Put your feet exactly where needed (especially when you have a core like Bruce)”

“2) Put maximum weight through them when they are there.”

“More weight on feet = less weight on fingers = easier to climb…. simple.” – Ned Feehally

Ned then lays out which muscle groups relate to various climbing movements and provides some stretching exercises that will help improve flexibility for climbing.

Click Here: The Importance of Flexibility for Climbing – Ned’s Flexy Madness

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