Alex Johnson climbs a lot. And she’s really good at it.

Have you ever asked yourself how the Pros, such as Alex Johnson, are able to climb so often and stay injury free?

Alex recently posted an article on her blog,, sharing some of her tips for staying healthy. So far in her climbing career Alex Johnson has managed to avoid any detrimental injuries, so clearly she knows a thing or too about what it takes to stay healthy.

One of her tips (and something some of you may not want to hear;) ):

1. Cut back on booze. Alcohol dehydrates tendons, and leaves them vulnerable and more susceptible to injury. Also, increase water intake. Even if you think you’re getting enough, try to drink more.”

We can probably all agree that being injured when you want to be climbing is the worst. Learn from Alex Johnson how to help keep yourself healthy and hopefully injury free….

CLICK HERE: Alex Johnson: Staying Healthy

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To hear more from Alex Johnson be sure to listen to our podcast interview with her, here.

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