When it comes to training, we love to focus on the flashy parts of training like improving our personal best on the campus board or working on being able to do lots of one-arm pull ups.  While these exercises certainly have their place in a successful training program, they cannot be its sole focus.  The number one rule in training is not to get injured doing it.  With that in mind, working on protecting vulnerable areas like our shoulders is extremely important.  One of the best ways to do this is through training on the TRX and Rings.

To help show you how to effectively improve shoulder strength and stability on the TRX and rings, here’s a video from EpicTV and Ollie Torr of Lattice Training that outlines three supplemental exercises that climbers should all be doing.

TRX and Rings Exercises:

While there are lots of different exercises that can be done on the TRX and rings, the goal here isn’t to develop and olympic caliber routine.  Instead, it is to increase climbing specific shoulder strength and stability.  Here are the exercises Torr recommends:

  • Low Row and Reverse Fly
  • Narrow and Wide Pull-ups
  • Press up to I, Y, W

In the video, Torr outlines exactly how to perform each of these exercises as well as prescribing a number of sets and reps.  If you have never trained on the TRX or rings before, this video is a great place to start.  Not only does it cover the basics, but it also gives you a practical workout you can add into your next training session.  Check it out for yourself by clicking through below.

Proper Form:

These exercises are only effective at increasing strength and stability when performed correctly.  Torr does a great job describing how to maintain an open chest, a depressed scapula, and un-shrugged shoulders.  Even if you are already using the TRX or rings, do yourself a favor and take this refresher course on how to do so properly.

Original Video: Lattice Training – TRX and Rings

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(video still courtesy of epictv.com)

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