Coaches Dicki Korb and Patrick Matros of Germany’s Kraft Factory are the trainers behind Alex Megos’ success so they clearly know a thing or two about producing high level climbers.  With many of their training techniques they take a slightly different approach that really stresses mobility, antagonist, and stability work.  Their philosophy behind their shoulder injury prevention work is no different, but the exercises they prescribe may look a little different than you are use to.

To show you some new shoulder stability exercises, here’s a Kraft Factory Training video that outlines three exercises that will help you improve your shoulders strength, stability and range of motion in an effort to keep them healthy and you climbing.

Kraft Factory Should Stability Video:

The video itself does a great job walking you through each of the three exercises, demonstrating proper form, and giving you a prescribed number of reps and sets.  Watch it below or click through for the original.

While these exercise may look a little different than the standard I’s, Y’s, T’s shoulder injury prevention work you are use to, they will certainly help keep your shoulders healthy and can add some nice variety into your antagonist training routine.

Original Video: Kraft Factory Training – Shoulder Stability

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