Jerry Moffatt – “Power is a Quality Thing”

To help you stay psyched on training and trying your hardest, here are two must see videos from the German climbing gym Cafe Kraft that feature British climbing legend Jerry Moffatt.  Jerry Moffatt was one of if not the top climbers of the 80’s and 90’s.  During his career, he, along with his contemporaries like Ben Moon, Wolfgang Güllich, and Kurt Albert, developed new and revolutionary ways of training that quickly resulted in never before seen levels of strength and power.

“Jerry Moffatt is a legend of our sport. He was playing a leading role in the development of sport climbing and bouldering in the 80’s and 90’s. Being a superb competition climber as well, Jerry is widely regarded as the best overall climber in the world of the 80’s.  While he lived in Germany together with Wolfgang Güllich and Kurt Albert he got involved in the development of the campusboard. A training device which soon became absolutely essential for hardcore climbing training. Jerry gives us deep insights into the history and about his training philosophy.” – Cafe Kraft

This first video is a twenty minute interview with Jerry Moffatt in which he reflects on his training during his climbing career, talks about the creation of the original campus board, and about the importance of quality in training power.  This long interview gives us some great insight into the history of climbing training as well as into the mental process of one of climbings pioneers.

The second video is some old classic footage of Jerry and Ben Moon training.  It is fast paced, highlights some old school training tactics and “facilities,” and is guaranteed to have you psyched for your next session.

If you are are at all interested in the history of climbing and training, these videos are must sees!  Watch them here or click through below for the originals.

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Click Here: Jerry Moffatt – “Power is a Quality Thing.”

Click Here: Ben Moon & Jerry Moffatt training for 8c+

(video still courtesy of Cafe Kraft)

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