Evening Sends – 5 Minute Fingers

Here at TrainingBeta, we get asked a lot, “What’s the best hangboard workout?”  Our answer, though, probably isn’t what most people are looking for.  Sure, different hangboard protocols have different benefits and drawbacks, but, ultimately, the “best hangboard workout” is the one you are actually going to do.  And, we’re not talking about doing it once in a blue moon.  We’re talking about doing it regularly for long periods of time.

This level of commitment can feel overwhelming when starting a new fingerboard routine, but it doesn’t have to.  This is where the new Evening Sends 5 Minute Fingers workout comes in.  Andrew Bisharat, with the help of training guru Steve Maisch, crafted this workout to fit into busy schedules and to not feel impossible to motivate for.

“The basic gist of the program—which I will describe in more detail below—is doing two or three very short workouts throughout the day, a few days per week. Each workout includes just three sets of easy hangboard repeaters interspersed with three sets of moderately taxing kettlebell swings.”

“That’s it. It’s that fuckin’ simple.” – Andrew Bisharat

Evening Sends – 5 Minute Fingers

The beauty of this workout is its simplicity and its quickness.  You don’t need a pulley system and a full weight room.  In fact, all you need is a hangboard, a single kettle bell, and an interval timer (iPhone).  Beyond that, you only need to set aside approximately 7 minutes, 3 times a day, 2-3 times a week.

That’s AT MOST just over 1 hour per week.  I am willing to bet that this is the kind of time commitment almost all dedicated climbers are willing to make and are able to handle.

We won’t go over all the nuts and bolts of the 5 Minute Fingers workout here, but you can read exactly how it’s done by clicking through below.  Give it a shot.  We bet your fingers will thank you!

Full Article: Evening Sends – 5 Minute Fingers

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