When most of us think about training strength for climbing, the first thing that comes to mind is hangboarding for finger strength.  But what about core strength? What about shoulder stability? How about pulling power? And don’t forget about training general strength to protect against injury and as a foundation for climbing specific gains.

Clearly, fitting everything into a training program isn’t as simple as just hitting the hangboard a couple times a week.  This is where Steve Bechtel’s Integrated Strength program comes into play.

Steve has covered why strength training is so important elsewhere.  This article from Climb Strong is more about the nuts and bolts of how you can tweak the principles of Integrated Strength so that it fits into your overall training program.

“We’ve been training strength for a long time. For years, I struggled with just how to fit all the hangboard training, general strength training, and supporting exercises in a normal climber’s week. Many of us try to get by without the extra work, opting to just go climbing instead. A look at the big picture, at the idea of climbing effectively and injury-free over the course of a 30+ year period, forces us to understand that just climbing is not enough.”

“This article is not an attempt to convince readers to start strength training. What I am going to outline here are variations on a climbing strength program known as Integrated Strength. For those unfamiliar with the program, it’s a simple combination of:”

“1 General Strength Exercise + 1 Finger Strength Exercise + 1 Mobility or Stability Drill.” – Steve Bechtel

Variations on Integrated Strength

This article contains a lot of valuable information on the different ways you can organize your strength training and is a great resource for anyone looking to either start using Integrated Strength or anyone looking for a better/more efficient way to fit everything in.

Click through below for the full article and to get all the details!

More from Steve Bechtel

If you like what you see above and are interested in more information on how to train from Steve, be sure to check out his e-books STRENGTH and Logical Progression.  In his books, Steve does a great job of laying out his training recommendations in a simple and easy to follow way.  They are both great resources for the self-coached climber.

Full Article: Climb Strong – Variations on Integrated Strength

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