With most climbing training, whether we are hangboarding, campusing, or working out on the rings, we focus almost exclusively on the upper body.  While these types of training are definitely valuable as they are climbing specific, completely neglecting your lower body in your training is a mistake.  Working on leg strength and mobility can help you use the major muscle groups in your legs more effectively when moving on the wall.

To highlight the importance of incorporating some lower body focused training, here’s an article and video from The Arch Climbing Wall and Tiffany Soi of ClimbFlow that features a 20 min leg strength and mobility workout.

“Leg maneuvers come in handy in a variety of climbing actions: Think of dynos and jumps, foot-to-hand and high foot steps or heel-hook rock overs. Think of pressing up from deep lunge positions or, reaching your foot out for a split-like stretch and then engaging through that leg to move. Think of heavy-duty slab teetering. All these actions are lower body oriented! The stronger and more capable your legs and hips are, the easier these sorts of movements are to perform.” – Tiffany Soi

ClimbFlow – Leg Strength and Mobility Workout

This leg strength and mobility workout uses a lot of yoga poses and is pretty high paced.  All you need to get started is a yoga mat, but be careful.  Even though this workout doesn’t take place in the weight room, some of the movements are fairly advanced and difficult.  Tiffany does a great job of describing exactly how to do them properly and how to make the exercises easier if you’re not quite ready for the more advanced motions.

Tiffany recommends doing this workout 2-3 times a week.  If you make the time to do that, we’re sure you’ll see a pretty dramatic increase in your lower body flexibility, mobility, and leg strength.

Watch the workout video below or click through below to read the Tiffany’s article about why strengthening and mobilizing the lower body is so important for climbers.

Full Article: ClimbFlow – Leg Strength and Mobility

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(photo courtesy of archclimbingwall.com)

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