Do you feel like “real life” is cutting into your training time and interfering with your climbing goals?  Luckily, with enough discipline and good time management even people with the busiest and most hectic lives can carve out enough time to not only maintain their current climbing level but even to improve.  Luke Zimmerman, who is busy raising twins and working a full time job, wrote an article for The Squamish Climbing Magazine that contains ten time management tips to help you be as efficient as possible in both your training and climbing.

“Things have certainly changed for me. Two years ago my wife gave birth to twin boys and my free time has all but disappeared. I now measure my climbing session in minutes rather than days. However, by making some sacrifices and sticking to a strict set of principles, I’m still able to fit climbing into my life and be the father and husband I want to be. In fact, I’m climbing better than I ever have. It seems having intensely little free time has enabled me to see how efficient I can be both in my training and climbing. I present 10 tips for how to maximize your climbing performance and accomplish your goals, with a minimal amount of available free time.” – Luke Zimmerman

Click through and have a look at Luke’s time management tips.  They will show you how to maximize your climbing without lots of free time through being as efficient as possible with your own climbing and training.

Click Here: Time Management – Maximum Sending, Minimum Time

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