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The idea that doing yoga can help your climbing by improving balance, flexibility, and preventing injury is nothing new.  However, if you have ever been to a yoga class, it’s clear that  standard yoga studio classes are not tailored to climbers specifically.  Additionally, unless you are a seasoned yogi, it’s hard to know exactly what kinds of yoga and what posses will be most beneficial for climbers.

To make yoga more accessible to climbers and to maximize its benefits for climbers specifically, professional climber and yogi Heidi Wirtz, climber/yoga instructor Sheyna Button, and Climbing Magazine are offering the first online yoga course just for climbers.  Both Heidi and Sheyna are friends of TrainingBeta.  We are sure these classes will be excellent and are excited to check them out.

How Yoga for Climbers Works:

“Want to improve your climbing? Yoga’s one of the best ways to accomplish that goal. Yoga for Climbers has 22 yoga classes that each focus on a different theme that directly relates to climbing. You can mix and match classes, do a few in a row for a longer workout, or focus on a single class to target a certain area. There is no studio or experience required, and you can do the classes wherever you have an internet connection and space for a yoga mat. Heidi will walk you through each pose and flow, pointing out specific benefits for climbers as well as pro tips on how to get more out of each class.” – Yoga for Climbers

The course itself will become available August 10th and will feature 22 different yoga classes for $149.  The classes will have different focuses such as alignment or flexibility and can be done in any order or repeated as often as you like.  Once you purchase the course all 22 of the classes are yours for life.

Yoga for Climbers Class List:

  • 4 Recovery classes
  • 2 Alignment classes
  • 2 Breathing classes
  • 2 Core classes
  • 2 Pre-climbing classes
  • 2 Strength classes
  • 2 Warm-up classes
  • 1 At the Crag class
  • 1 Flexibility class
  • 1 Injury Prevention class
  • 1 Just for Fun class
  • 1 Meditation class
  • 1 Travel class

Click through below to read more about the course and check out a video that gives you and inside look at exactly what the course will look like.  Yoga is an amazing supplemental activity to climbing so it is exciting to see a course designed specifically with climbers and our needs in mind.

Course Website: Online Yoga for Climbers

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