Because of the increase in shoulder injuries, climbers are really concerned with shoulder injury prevention. To give you some ideas about how to incorporate shoulder stability work into your training, here’s an article from Moon Climbing where British climber Olivia Ratcliffe outlines six shoulder stability exercises.

While the concern about shoulder injuries is valid, we shouldn’t just try to prevent shoulder injuries like they are an inevitability. Instead, our training plans should work to increase shoulder stability, strength, and mobility. In other words, we can’t just always fight an uphill battle against weak, injury prone shoulders; we need to prioritize building stronger functional shoulders.

To give you an idea of how to work on shoulder stability, Ratcliffe details six exercises, including Wall Arm Circles and others. To make things clear, she includes step by step instructions and photos demonstrating each exercise. Click below to read the full article.

Full Article: Moon Climbing – 6 Shoulder Stability Exercises

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