Many climbers either focus mainly on bouldering or focus mostly on rope climbing; it’s the nature of our sport. If that’s the case, you probably don’t feel balanced in power and endurance.

This article from addresses this lack of balance…

 “Because most climbers don’t simultaneously focus on both sport climbing and bouldering training, their endurance-to-power ratio (and vice versa) is usually pretty skewed.

If your goal is to become a healthy and well-rounded climber, then the ability to maintain composure through a difficult sequence on an endurance-based sport route is just as vital as the ability to muscle through a powerful move.” -Alex Biale and Eric Hörst

Included in this article are 4 exercises to improve your climbing endurance to help you when powering through moves isn’t enough. 

The 4 exercises recommended are: fingerboard moving hangs, climbing intervals, frenchies, and pull-up intervals.

Alex Biale and Eric Hörst (authors of the article) say that if you can include at least 1 or 2 of these exercises into your weekly training program it should help with those “enduro-fest” projects….

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