Hand & Skin Care for Rock Climbing

An unfortunate reality of rock climbing is that it is extremely hard on your skin.  Often times sessions on your projects have to come to grinding halts long before your muscles and fingers are actually fatigued due to your skin becoming too thin to still pull on sharp holds.

While there is no solution that will prevent you from eventually wearing through your skin, continually performing hand and skin care BEFORE your skin is cracked, cut, and bleeding will go an extremely long way to prolonging your climbing sessions and cutting down on the time you have to spend resting and growing skin.

To help you take the necessary preventative skin care steps to maintain good climbing skin, here’s an article from the Friction Labs blog that outlines the steps you should be taking before, during, and after climbing.

“Constantly maintaining a healthy epidermal layer on your paws is clutch – the less time you spend healing hand wounds, the more time you have to climb!” – Friction Labs

While the article does also pitch the Friction Labs products (they are awesome and worth using), the maintenance tips they describe like keeping your nails trimmed and filing your skin after climbing go a long way in help you continually maintain good healthy skin.

Click through below to check out the complete article!  While it can at times seem like a hassle, using these skin care tips can really improve the quality of your skin and keep you climbing and training instead of nursing your split tips.

Also if you are interested in using any of the Friction Labs products check the Friction Labs/Training Beta Page for some awesome deals!

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Click Here: Hand & Skin Care for Rock Climbing

(photo courtesy of frictionlabs.com)

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