If you spend sometime watching any of the many climbing videos floating around the internet, you’ll notice a common trend.  There are lots of videos that show professional climbers succeeding on amazing looking hard routes and boulders.  However, while some of these videos even depict the on-route struggles the climbers go through while working towards sending, few if any of them really show you the entire process behind the send.  They gloss over the hours, months, and even years of consistent hard work and training that go into hard sends and progressing your climbing.

Here’s a video from Black Diamond Equipment that does the exact opposite by showcasing the training of Joe Kinder, Sam Elias, and Dan Mirsky, three Black Diamond athletes, who in an effort to progress their climbing and work towards their goals spent three months together putting themselves through a brutal training program.

Their Trainer

Not only is this video great motivation for your own training, it also gives you insight into the kinds of training and coaching we offer here at Training Beta.  The training programs Joe, Sam, and Dan followed were designed by Kris Peters who offers you Custom Training Programs to help you work hard towards your specific goals.

Their Nutritionist

Their nutrition consulting was done by Neely here at TrainingBeta, and she can help you with your own nutrition if you’re looking to elevate your recovery, overall health, and body composition.

Train with Mirsky

Additionally, if you are looking for some coaching to help you pinpoint your weaknesses and learn how to turn them into strengths, we also offer Personal Climbing Coaching with Dan Mirsky who will use his knowledge about climbing and training to help you approach improving your climbing in as effective a way as possible.

Watch the Black Diamond Project Bootcamp video below or click through for the original and remember to train hard!

Dan’s Video


training programs for climbers

Click Here: Black Diamond Project Bootcamp Video

(video still courtesy of blackdiamondequipment.com)

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