Will Anglin – RULES

Rule #1: When Will Anglin lays down knowledge, listen!

Today, we have an article from Will Anglin of Tension Climbing in which he lays out 7 rules of training.  However, these rules aren’t about what exercises to do or anything like that.  They are all about separating training, practice, and performance so that you can develop the most well rounded climbing skill set possible.

“Every “rule” from here on out is an external framework meant to highlight certain aspects of climbing movement or psychology in an effort to enhance your training and practice in the pursuit of mastery. You impose it on yourself. No one can force you into it. Sure you could climb something with a higher grade without following some of these rules, but that isn’t the point.”

“Mastery over success.” – Will Anglin

Will Anglin’s Rules:

As Will points out in the article, all of these rules go out the window when it’s time to attack your project and send.  They are simply rules to help you get the most out of your training and practice without letting our desire to perform well get in the way.

Here are Will’s training rules:

  • Rule 1: Climb on the holds
  • Rule 2: Learn to do moves in as many styles as possible
  • Rule 3: Stop crimping
  • Rule 4: Pick an impossible project/move/position
  • Rule 5: Take something away
  • Rule 6: Stop complaining
  • Rule 7: SEND

Click through below to read about all these rules in greater detail.  As Will points out, it is possible to send hard climbs while completely ignoring all these suggestions.  However, this is a short sighted view.  Follow his advice and you will become a better climber not just one who has managed to claw his way up a single piece of rock with a big number attached to it.

Thanks Will for the knowledge!

Full Article: Will Anglin – RULES

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