Have you ever considered using rice in your training program? Kinda weird sounding right? As it turns out, using a rice bucket is actually a really handy, simple tool for strengthening your forearms and fingers, and can be a great warm-up routine to get into before hangboarding (or climbing).

This article from dpmclimbing.com describes a forearm training workout using a rick bucket, and why such a workout is important and helpful in preventing injury.

When we climb and often when we train for climbing, we work on strengthening our flexor muscles in our forearms and hands. This creates an imbalance between our flexor and extensor muscle strengths which can lead to injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, elbow and bicep tendonitis, and other injuries to the tendons of the hand. One of the benefits of the rice bucket workout is that it works on the extensor muscles, and more importantly helps work on the relationship between the muscles and their movement patterns. Better muscle balance in the hands and forearms means less chance of injury as well as more strength and efficiency out of them.

The exercises that are part of the rice bucket workout include “iron fist”, “fists of fury”, “snatch the pebble”, “magic palm”, and much more….

Intrigued? Check out how to turn a 20-pound bag of dry rice into a climbing training tool…..

Watch the video above or CLICK HERE to learn more: Forearm Training 

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