Top 5 Climbing Warm-Up Articles

No matter what type of climbing you are interested in, an effective warm-up is essential.  It doesn’t matter if you are training in the gym or getting ready to try your project.  Without properly warming up, you will not be able to effectively try your hardest and you run the risk of injury.

We should all know we need to warm up.  However, how to warm up is a different question.

Most climbers simply warm up by starting off with some easy climbing and then increasing the difficulty.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always enough and most of us rush through our warm-up and move on to more difficult climbing too quickly.

To remind you how important thoroughly warming up is, we thought we would share the top 5 warm-up related articles from the TrainingBeta Blog.  This way, you can see what other climbers have found the most helpful.

Top 5 Warm-Up Articles:

  • How to Warm Up for a Bouldering Session

    • “It’s hard to make yourself properly warm up for a bouldering session. It’s just so much quicker and easier to walk up to your project, do a few pull ups (or not), and then start trying moves. Well, I can say from personal experience and from the experiences of many people I’ve trained with, that warming up is an essential part to both being able to try your hardest, and avoiding injury.”  – Seth Lytton

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  • Express Bouldering Warm-Up

    • “Here’s an Express Bouldering Warm Up from coach and trainer Nick Tumminello that is designed to quickly ready your body for a bouldering session by taking you through a full range of mobility, activation, and central nervous system exercises.” – Matt Pincus 

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  • How to Warm Up for a Route Session

    • “To warm up for a route session you want to start slowly. Depending on what type of routes you will be trying, it might be advisable to do more than just climbing for your warm up.” – Seth Lytton
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  • Dynamic Climbing Warm-Up

    • “Dynamic stretching is when you smoothly move through a full range of motion spending equal time in each phase of the stretch. An example is bending down to touch your toes while counting to three and coming back up to standing while counting to three.” – Dr. Jared Vagy
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  • Lunge Matrix Warm-Up

    • “This video from CoachJayJohnson.com will show you a quick warmup to loosen up your legs before climbing or training. It may suggest this as a warmup for running but it works really well for climbing too.” – Katy Dannenberg
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