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Having a strong core for climbing is so important. That part is pretty obvious. But having a strong core means more than just having strong abs…..

“Sure, a strong upper body and all-around flexibility will make you a better climber, but what ties all of that strength and flexibility together is a strong core. To be clear, I’m not just talking about having strong abs. In climbing, we really don’t use our abs in isolation, so while doing crunches might give you a sweet beach-bod, it won’t do a whole lot for your climbing. Your abdominal muscles are part of your core, but as a climber it’s best to strengthen your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen simultaneously.”  –Mary (cruxcrush.com)

This article from CruxCrush.com gives you a 20 minute core circuit that works your whole core, not just your abs. The workout consists of doing 4 exercises for 1 minute each + 1 minute of rest, repeated 4 times for a total of 20 minutes.

They recommend doing it twice a week, and building it into your power or power endurance phase if you’re on a periodized training program.

Learn the details of the workout here to get started making your core stronger and hopefully lead to stronger climbing….

CLICK HERE: A Stronger Climber’s Core in 20 Minutes

(photo courtesy of cruxcrush.com)

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