Sometimes climbing training can do a great job of building your strength, but may leave out the power portion. They aren’t quite the same thing (power=strength x speed), and training for power is a pretty important part of climbing training!  Plyometrics can be a good way to build in some power training…

Plyometrics is a type of power training that involves the stretch shortening cycle, whereby the eccentric phase of a muscle contraction is immediately followed by a concentric phase.
An example of plyometrics is jumping….What constitutes as a plyometric movement may surprise you. It’s not all jumping. Exercises range from throwing a ball and swinging a kettlebell, to performing a 1-5-9 on a campus board.” -Dave Culver

In this article written by Dave Culver of Blocfit, from, he shares a plyometrics workout he recommends for building your climbing power. If you feel like you’ve reached a plateau in your climbing strength, building some power could be the answer.

The exercises Dave recommends include kettlebell swings, jump squats on the TRX (video included), medicine ball slams, dynamic pull-ups (video included), and plyometric push-ups. He includes the specifics of the workout for each exercise.

As Dave Culver puts it:

The purpose of plyometrics is to improve your capacity to exert force at speed in a particular direction.”

Pretty important for powerful climbing moves, yeah? Check out the article in full by clicking below…

CLICK HERE: Strength or Power? Improving Your Climbing with Plyometrics

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